Incontinence, urinary tract infections, antibiotics

I posted last week about my problems with bowels (pretty much back to normal now). However, my problems with bladder control were getting worse. I dropped a urine sample off with my GP, they found it contained protein and leucocytes so I was prescribed three days of trimethoprim (I think 200mg a day). It seemed to work amazingly quickly - I saw improvements after I took the first tablet (on Thursday). But having finished the course on Saturday, I have already started to have urgency again. But I have a horrible cold and my walking is worse - maybe my bladder control is worse because of that. Or maybe the trimethoprim wasn’t the right antibiotic. Anyone got a view or had similar experiences?

Trimethoprim is the antibiotic my GP surgery give people who’ve tested positive for a UTI. They give a 3 day supply. They also send the sample off to the lab to test for the actual bug and thereby the correct antibiotic. Personally I’ve not had a UTI that responded to trimethoprim in years. I now have a different antibiotic on my repeat prescription.

I suggest you phone your surgery, ask if your sample went to the lab, if so, do they have the result? If not, then arrange to take another sample in tomorrow that they will send off. Once they have the result, you’ll get the best antibiotic and it should properly clear up the UTI.


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I have Nitrofurantoin (Macrodantin) for UTIs. I always have a course of them in hand as I need to take one with the very first onset of symptoms. I used to send a sample off but don’t bother now - I know what it is and what I have to do. They work with the first capsule and symptoms ease within an hour or so. I take them for 5 days and that’s always been fine till the next one.

Hope that helps.

I just rang the surgery and they have sent the sample away but not got results yet. Thanks for the suggestion - they should have the results tomorrow and I’ll be able to get something that works before Xmas starts.

I always have nitroferantoin on repeat as well. Though, touch wood I’ve not had a UTI since October last year!!! I just checked. Amazing!

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