Bladder issues anyone?

Really my bladder is the worse symptom for me. Since the hot weather its going nuts. I thought i had an infection again had one 7th July. Anyway i sent a test a few days ago, and the doctor rang and said that it showed leucocytes no infection no nitrates, but he was sending it off for culture and sensitivity. I would not hear back until Monday 29th. He also sent me up a 3 day script for Trimoprim (cant spell it). He said if the symptoms got worse to start taking it anyway. I got up next morning and I my bladder was in full spasm and was painful. i checked my own bladder as i have urinalysis sticks, and it showed leucocytes but no nitrates. I dont have temp just this urge to empty and when i do it feels weird I hate it like spasms or something low inside trying to push the urine down. It can take ages to void. I was up 4 times with it last night but when i do get going it is plenty lol as i have been drinking lots of water to try and keep hydrate and flush the bladder out. I do take a high strength cranberry everyday as well.

I am worried now as even on my antiobitics it doesnt seem to be calming down, which could mean if it is an infection the trimoprim has decided not to work. I have until tomorrow when i get results.

Not sure i can go another day like this. I am going to check my temp when i get up and my urine again. I have voided quite a bit so that is a good sign I think.

Its all come from the heat. I am exhausted and fed up of it. My uretha feels like it has been punched or razor blades in it.

I know lots of you get constant UTI how do you cope? Do you take anything else. I was told to try D manoose i think its called, but others i have spoke too said it was a waste of time.

I always drink a lot of water. but worried i will wash out too much sodium as i run low on that as a rule.

should i wait until tomorrow? although to be honest what can I do really today?

come on weather cool down please. I dont get why i have so many i am very clean. what makes it worse is i am also constipated 2 days.

i shall be glad to see the incontinece nurse but it isnt until 27th august.

hello crazychick i have an overactive bladder and usually can pee any time any place anywhere. however the heatwave has made it difficult. i bought some O.R.S. hydration tablets and they help because they make it easier to drink water. usually i love water but the heat has made me reluctant to drink it. these tablets make it easier and are pleasant tasting. hope your continence nurse was able to help.

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Hello CC The thing about UTIs is that whatever is causing the symptoms, ie the specific bacteria, not all antibiotics will kill it off. The Drs & nurses call it sensitivity. So when you have signs of infection, the standard practice is a 3 day course of Trimethoprim. Which is what you’ve been given. E.coli (the most common bacteria) is sensitive to Trimethoprim, but not all bacteria are. I suspect your bacteria is probably something else and thus when the lab results come back, the doctors will change your antibiotic to a different one. Even if it is sensitive to Trimethoprim, you’ll probably need a longer course than 3 days - the standard for the drug is 7 days. I have no idea why surgeries give prescriptions for 3 days! The real problem is that while a specimen may grow (culture) the bacteria quickly, it’s possible for it to take a bit longer. Hopefully, your test results will be back tomorrow in which case the doctors will change your antiB. The other possibility of course, is that your problems are not caused by a UTI, or not solely by the UTI, but are exacerbated by bladder spasms. For which drugs can help to calm the spasms down (eg, Betmiga, Tolterodine, Vesicare). But that bridge should be crossed only after the UTI problem is fixed. Constipation btw, can make bladder issues so much worse. When you are bunged up, your bladder isn’t able to void completely. This then can make retention worse and either cause a UTI or make the symptoms a lot worse. If you were able to empty your bowel, you might find your bladder feels a bit better. Hygiene is not generally a contributing factor to UTIs (I don’t think). I have excellent hygiene, in fact although I use ISC, I went from September 17 to December 18 with no infections at all, but have had countless UTIs in the 7 months since December. I”m currently in the same boat as you btw, my ongoing infection gets cleared up then comes back, since December!! And many different antibiotics. My last sample went to the lab on Friday - I’m not expecting a new antibiotic this time, but just something to show the urologist who I’ll be seeing on Wednesday. My sympathy is with you, non stop urgency, frequency and a night of the long knives too. No there’s not much you can do except keep drinking water, but if you’ve had trouble with low sodium, make sure you top that up too (eat salted peanuts maybe?) And my feeling re D-Mannose is that if a complementary medicine suggests take 1 to 3 (huge) capsules, up to 6 times per day, it’s not very scientific and probably won’t work. Imagine a ‘drug’ that you can take either once or eighteen times per day working? Hopefully you’ll feel better soon. It really is a misery having a UTI. Sue

Oh CC, I am sorry to hear of this. Last Autumn, I went all automatic. I had a stoma and a catheter. Now it’s a case of management and not struggle. It’s not easy management but for me it’s better than the other. It was a drastic measure but it is a working solution. I hope you find some respite from all this. Last week’s heat was unbearable. Best wishes, Steve x

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Thank you Sue. It calmed a little yesterday and my stick i checked showed less leucocytes then the day before but everything else was spot on. I think it is perhaps bladder spasms making me feel worse, as lately i have had a lot of other things, resting tremor in my right hands, vibrations from waist down, and i am convinced its the heat. I slept a little better only 2 times did i have to void.

still that horrible sensation.

If i dont hear from GP by lunchtime i will ring. It is a misery having a UTI, i have had so many over the years I am loosing count. 2 this month for example but they really dont give enough tablets 3 days is hardly worth taking.

I havent had a temp which is a good sign.

again thank you for your message, AND THANKS to everyone else who answered it has helped me a lot thank you.

MONDAY hurrah. why is it when something blows it waits until the weekend lol.

Its still muggy.

right i am off to see how i can encourage woodpeckers into my garden area lol. keeps my mind off the tingling virbrating coming from areas that should not be doing that unless there was a hunky fireman near me ha ha ha.

thanks steve, yes the weather was horrible and my sister wanted to take me out. Yeh right. xxxxxxxxx

Hi carol what are these tablets? I drink fine i must admit to that water. I dont drink sugary drinks and only have 2 coffees.

Hopefully i will get results today. xxx

Hi again C C

the tablets that you asked about are called O.R.S. hydration tablets. i may have got them from amazon.

they come in strawberry, blackcurrant and lemon flavours.

i have only opened the strawberry one and it is delicious.

finally after ring several times i got told the trimoprim wasnt really going to fight this, so the doctor would prescribe something else. about six pm my grandson managed to go and get the scrip from the pharmacy. It was too late for delivery. she has given me ciprofloxcin. I am sure i had issues with this one before but cant remember. I seem worse this morning and when i got up for yet another pee the urge is horrible, and i was dizzy and overbalanced and hurt my shoulder. Oh the joys. I hope they work as i dont think i can cope with this all day, its horrible. they didnt tell me what they found. its funny as the first doctor when he rang me said there was no urine infection as no nitrates, well what was all that about then.

Nitrites aren’t necessarily always present for there to be an infection. Often it’s protein or blood plus leukocytes that indicate infection. Sometimes just leukocytes showing inflammation is all that’s seen on a dip.

I’ve taken Ciprofloxacin many times and found it to be OK, no stomach issues or anything else. Hopefully it will work for you CC and have no iffy side effects.


Morning Sue, well i fairly scared myself to death when i googled ciprofloxcin. Jeez. FDA and issues with people suing people because of the bad side effects of it. there was even a group on facebook about it.

Well anyway yesterday morning i had enough, the pain was terrible when voiding. I did ring the doctor as she gave me 500mg and they were big but had a line in the middle so could be split. It also stated ring doctor if you have a neurological disease etc, so i thought weird considering a lot of people take them with MS. Anyway she said they should be ok. I could take 250mg by splitting them for 3 days. It should work on the bacteria.

I didn’t care what it did to me to be honest just wanted peace. I took first one yesterday morning, and by about 3pm my bladder was certainly calming down. I took another one at 8pm and went for a pee and it was BLISS. I took a paracetamol and fell asleep and slept most of the night and when i woke up at 4.30 i managed a nearly normal pee lol. OH MY GOD it was double bliss, as i didn’t have to cry in pain. OK i don’t know if i have any reactions because when you read the paperwork that comes with them, its enough to scare the poop out of you.

I always get worsening neurological stuff when i have a UTI. I only have 2 more days. I see GP Friday to check my urine again. I hope its better. But so far thankfully no temp.

fingers crossed for both of us. I see an incontinence nurse on the 27th august.

i’m so happy for you because although all UTIs are bad, yours was evil! so enjoy the relief. carole x

It does sound like Ciprofloxacin was the right antibiotic for your infection CC. Thankfully you overcame your nerves and took them. I suspect sometimes reports of side effects are exaggerated. That’s why we need to trust our doctors and not Google!

I’ve seen my urologist this morning. Been prescribed Nitrofurantoin (again), and prophylactic Nitrofurantoin (again). But also an HRT cream. Apparently women post menopause can get more UTIs because the environment isn’t acidic enough so bacteria grows. And she’s going to have a camera test through the urethra into the bladder. Crossing all fingers that some of this will work!!!

Good luck with removing your horrible bugs from your system CC.


ah thanks sue. I had that camera thing…SMILE ha ha, long time ago. It was ok.

yes its just a flouroquine my hubby was put on one, and he did get tendonitis but he was on steroids which can trigger it. I agree with you google is a nightmare, i only wanted to see the reviews for the stuff eek shant do that again lol.

day 3 this morning. its niggly but not sure if that is just my normal ms niggly bladder. I have 2 more tablets.

no effects atm.

seeing doctor tomorrow anyway hopefully if i can get a lift.

I wonder if i am not acidic enough as i went through menopause at 27, and today I am 68 lol… so perhpas i need a bit of help.

I am sorry you too are going through this its no fun is it. I which i could take Nitrofurantoin but it makes my nervous system go nuts and i can barely walk with it i hve tried it twice.

stupid bodies really. I think my issue is when i was young i lived on antibiotics and found most made me sick i had hepititis and some really bad strep think with my throat.

anyway fingers crossed for us both. I still can go up to 500mg but my testing strip yesterday was nealry clear so i shall see what it is today.

xxxxxxxxx bacteria sucks. i know its this flat its too hot even with no heating on and the windows open all day. I want to ask my doctor if she will support a letter for me to the council on medical grounds, stating the environment is not good for my MS as it sure isnt and if i can be moved into my own place out of sheltered as i really dont think i need to be here as there are no care workers here anyway.