this heat

has anyone else noticed that their bladder is playing up?

i’d just got mine under control but now i’m back to square one.

i know its the weather because if i go outside even for a minute or two (putting bins out) when i go back inside i immediately wet myself.

and to top it off my stomach is swollen and sore.

going to gp tomorrow

carole x

Could it be a dreaded UTI again Carole? Glad you’re going to the GP. Let us know how you get on! Teresa xx

im the opposite with the heat, in the cold im forever tryin to get to the loo fast n too often, in the heat no matter how much i drink im hardly goin to the loo now, im enjoyin the break

i dont thinkits a UTI because i’m still on a low dose of trimethoprim

it keeps me on my toes this ms malarkey

carole x

Is trimethoprim an antibiotic? I had been having a horrible time with bladder control and it turned out I had a UTI. I’m almost through a 3 day course of antibiotics and am now absolutely fine. I started on Regurin a few weeks ago and was doing well on it until I got the UTI, better than I’ve done for ages.