this weather and my bladder!

Does anyone else out there find that the warmer and sunnier it gets, the worse the control of their bladder becomes?

Chris x

Hi, I expect the heat is exaserbating (spelling?) your MS symptoms.

Are you drinking more water due to the heat? That is a wise thing to do, but it has obvious effects, as you know.

Do you think you may have a uti? i had 6 months of it and my bladder was chronically inflamed.

I was also retaining too much, as well as having accidents left, right and centre!

Maybe a sample into your GP would be advisable, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Chris, what can i say apart for OH YES, the heat does appear to affect the bladder. I am lucky to be pretty fit and most things work most of the time but I have just started to have some issues with by bladder, needing to go straight away (Urgently!!) as apposed to holding on for a while. Added to this I have started to have issues with fininshing! all starts well but i cant always tell when i have finished which can lead to, shall we call it over spill, when everything has been packed away. This is not nice and embarrassing (in truth this is the first time I have told anybody) I am certain that the heat has had a direct affect which is a bugger really because i love the summer!


the heat definately makes things worse. Just when i thought i was getting my bladder back under control.