Water Infections

Hi Everyone Sorry not the most glamourous titles but the best I could do. For the last few days I have had frequent need to go to the loo but when I go there seems to be a bit of a delay in actually passing urine. Last night it was worse so I phoned on-call Dr and he said to go up to hospital and he would check my urine and that I had done the right thing. My sample had a small trace of protein but he said anyone could baring in mind the hot weather we have had last few days. He said he would get lab to test for anything growing and put me on a 3 day course of antibiotics as given the fact I have MS didn’t want it to get worse. Luckily the trip didn’t take long back in half an hour as A&E wasn;t busy. I have been on Avonex for 6 weeks, I know these will take a while to take any effect and it can’t replace Myelin damage but I am so scared I am on a slippery slope and instead of having relapsing remitting it’s worse. I have barely slept as needed to go to loo so much and because I am worrying which obviously doesn’t help. Any one been through the same? Does it get better? Tracey

I am not yet diagnosed but my problems started with my bladder so I can really sympathise! Have had a lot of water infections in the last year and the doctors have had to give me several different antibiotics until the infection has cleared up. Have now developed a burning sensation which I get a lot of the time even though I don’t have an infection. This may be allied to the burning sensation I get in my limbs. There’s nothing worse than bladder problems. If I had a wish which could get rid of one of my symptoms it would be that. It also ties you to the house as you need to be near a loo constantly. I hope you get some relief when your antibiotics kick in. Hang in there, I know it feels as if you will never get rid of it but you soon will and you’ll feel so much better especially when you can sleep again! Tree65

UTIs (urinary tract infections) are really common in MS. And when we have them, our symptoms get exaccerbated so it feels like we are having a relapse / getting worse. That’s why getting on anti-biotics early is a good move. Not getting much sleep because you’re up to the loo a lot and worrying will also be making your symptoms worse. So, too soon to worry about getting SPMS I would think. Get that UTI killed off, and I bet you start to feel very much better :slight_smile: Karen x

Thank you so much for replying. Feel very silly at the moment. I am feeling a bit nauseas as well but not sure if that the worry or a symptom. In the last few weeks I have seen my appetite reduce, I spoke to MS Nurse and she doesn’t think it’s a side affect of Avonex but it seems strange that it’s started since been on Meds a few weeks. Has anyone else heard of this? Tracey :slight_smile:

Every time I get a water infection it makes me feel nauseous and I totally lose my appetite, so maybe that is why you are feeling that way. Hope this helps. Tree65

In this heat it is really important to up your water intake. I had 12 UTI in one year and it drove me insane, now i am on one antibiortic every night and this seems to be calming things down as I have only had about 5 uti so far this year. I also take on cranberry every day which was recommended by the urologist. When I do have a UTI it makes me feel terrible and my symptoms exacerbate I feel cranky and sick too. But you must make sure at the moment with the heat that you really drink some water regularly. big hugs.