UTI, how long did you feel worse for

I had a UTI last week that became a kidney infection, have felt better for 2 or 3 days and am on strong antibiotics. It’s made my MS symptoms so much worse, I am really struggling to walk, numb and tingly. I am starting to feel frightened that this is not going to get better, that it’s just my MS worsening (I am sp) and I am stuck like this now. It’s making me very sad and depressed.

I know UTI’s make ms symptoms worse, can you please tell me how long before you felt improvement. Thanks.

Can’t really answer your question but wanted to send you hugs Barney

Perky I have had dozens and sometimes rigid cant lift leg off bed and in bed for a week they have always gone away but sometime two lots of antibiotics before cleared up each time different and this heat wont help. Drink lots of water Don

Thank you for the support

I am pleased to report that I am seeing some improvement in my walking today, thank goodness! It’s so scary when it seems like you’re getting rapidly worse and nobody can stop it. The only thing that makes my MS bearable is that usually, the progression is very gradual.

I definitely don’t want a UTI again anytime soon!

Hi Perky I’ve had loads of UTI s and they always make my MS symptoms worse but they have always returned to pre infection level once the UTI has gone. It was only when I started seeing the MS nurse, and she told me that the first thing to do when you think your MS symptoms are getting worse is have your urin tested, that I realised that most of my “attacks” were in fact UTI. There years ago I spent the whole of May to bad to get out of bed, not realising that the problem was a UTI! Even though Ihad no ttreatment for for thay one and my body had to get rid of it without any help, I still got back to my pre infection state. Remember that the antibiotics, athough absolutely necessary, can make you feel pretty rotten. I usually start getting back to “normal” with in short time after I have finished the antibiotics, if I have rested and looked after my self properly. When you have Finnished the antibiotics it is always best to have another urin test just to make sure it has completely gone. Hope you feel better soon x