UTI advice

I’ve got my first ever UTI and I have to admit that it’s left me feeling terrible. I had been having a good few days, MS symptom wise, but this has really bought them on again. I’m on antibiotics which are helping pain wise but I wonder if they are making me feel worse too. Does anyone else have experience of this? Do you think my MS symptoms will improve once the infection is gone? I hope so. I am disappointed this has set me back again.

A UTI makes me feel so rough that I was only too happy to start antibiotics. They certainly didn’t make me feel worse, if anything I felt better as they cleared up the infection so quickly. Any associated MS symptoms went away as soon as the infection was under control. Incidentally, I currently take a low daily dose of the same antibiotic and haven’t had a UTI since.

Hope you’re feeling better very soon.

i also take a maintenance dose of trimethoprim. (100mg)

of course i’m worried about using anti-biotics too often but being infection free makes it worthwhile.

once the anti-biotics have done their job you’ll start to feel better.

Thank you both. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

I have just had my 2nd ever UTI and i felt very ill with it.I took the antibiotics and although they cleared it up i feel as though its brought a relapse on as i still cant stand up.I always thought myself lucky but not so much now. Hope you feel better soon.

Hi Joey

I have had many UTIs. They make you feel like crap. And can make your MS symptoms flare up. Generally, so long as your GP surgery always send a sample to the lab to establish exactly what bacteria are present, and therefore which antibiotics will work, it’s manageable.

Therefore I keep my own testing kit and probably test it a couple of times a month on average. I’ve actually not had an infection for over a year, so mostly I’m testing for nothing, but it makes me feel better, just to know.


Joey, I have had a number of UTI 'S over the years. The only time the antibiotics didn’t make me feel completely better was when I ended up having 2 infections at the same time (greedy git) and the first set of antibiotics only killed one of the infections. I now take a low dose of trimethoprim and nitrofurantin (alternate each month) and so far this year this has kept the UTI at bay. Derek