Trimethoprim 200g experience

Been given trimethoprim, 7 day course for upper uti. Had to cancel my hols, so cried a lot. Dont know how i will do it. Nausea, which is side effect. And can’t move much, like when i had my last relapse. Dont feel hungry, sensitive, acid in tumy, and had some breathing probs when went to town, so came back home. Dont have temp, but other side effects which not coping with. Hands ache n feet. 2nd day of takin was fine, nausea had before got better. Then today omg never felt so bad. Feel bit better now lie ng down, symptoms come n go but not continuous. Is this my ms or the uti or the medicine? Anybody have any experiences of takin it. Had them before but not felt this bad.

I had similar experience with nitrofurantoin (for UTI) I immediately stopped them and changed to a different antibiotic. I would give NHS Direct a ring as it does sound like you are allergic to them. Hope you get something sorted,I really feel for you as when it happened to me I felt dreadful. Take good care and let us know the outcome?? Linda x


Everyone will react differently to different meds. For me I had no problem at all with Trimethoprim and I am so glad I took it. UTIs are sooo bad though for MS folks. UTIs can enhance and give sooo many MS symptoms including the aches and nausea. Still with antibiotic you need to complete the course to get that nasty bacteria out of your system.

Just my own experience…

Take care,


thanku linda and marty for ur replies, it was only yesterday i felt bad, so not sure whats goin on. have had side effects from it b4 i forgot thats all, but not this bad, but today feelin bit better, so i will stick with th course, thanku soo much for ur replies…