UTI and nitrofurantoin

Hi. Just had a three day course of this antibiotic for a UTI I’ve had for months. And now I’m getting some prickling puns and needles in my hands and legs. Anyone else had these symptoms with nitrofurantoin, and if so how long did they last for. I’m a little surprised to have been given this antibiotic as it doesn’t always suit people with neurological conditions… Yet it does seem to be the one everyone with MS is given

I have always been given trimethoprim and never had any side effects.

I am on a maintenance dose of half the regular dose and it seems to have broken the chain of UTIs that I had.

It can be difficult when we have so many different meds.

Tell your GP about the side effects and ask for a different anti-biotic.

years back before my diagnosis they gave me nitro for a bad UTI, i could barely feel my legs it was scary. the pharmacist my husband spoke to said i should not have been given it with a possible neurological illness. could it have been a coincidence not sure, but once i had stopped them, it went.

now i am on maintenance dose for a long time of trimoprim 100mg a night. i take a break from it so as not to get too used to it. it cut my UTI right down. I have never shown an allergy to Trimoprim. sorry cant spell it lol.

me too but i come off it about every 3 months for a break. then i get the grumbles lol. I have my own UTI sticks so i check myself and know when i have a UTI now. then i send in a sample and its always been a UTI.

at one time i was having UTI constantly wore me out. this was way before i was diagnosed.

Used it earlier this year, 7 days, and the only side effect was diarrhea. No idea I had a UTI. Thankfully it was picked up after my monthly blood and urine sample. Turns out it was E.Coli and only source I can think of is pre-washed spinach leaves I got from supermarket. Will be washing any myself whether pre-washed or not.

Thanks for everyone’s comments. I’ve been off the nitrofurantoin a couple of days now and the pins and needles has actually got worse, so I’m a bit concerned. I will give it a few weeks and see the neuro if it hasn’t got better. I was interested to hear your comments Crazy Chick as your husbands feelings are mine entirely. Nitrofurantoin should not be given to people with neurological conditions and yet it is widely given to people with MS.

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I have SPMS and get UTIs often. I don’t get any of the mentioned problems but this antibiotic clears an infection which tends to come back after a couple of days! Is this because I have an n dwelling catheter? My GP will not prescribe me a maintenance dose

I have to self catheterise as I have an under active bladder and I was getting regular UTI’s so was taking antibiotics quite Often but a family member suggested taking a cranberry supplement and I’ve been taking it for a few months and have had zero UTI’s in that time

Val, I’m on a similar regime to you and it’s worked great. One uti in past 5 years. Before that, it was at least a couple a year.

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it was the pharmacist who told my husband i should not have been given it with a neurological disease. xx the most used for UTI is Trimoprim.


Mark1980 my own urologist told me to take cranberry TABLETS many years back and i have done so since. i find my UTI was cut right back. I am on a maintenance dose but i always have a break from it but never from my cranberry.

What level of Cranberry supplement are you taking please?

My mum has cranberry tablets to prevent her getting uti, she hasnt got ms but was having infections alot. the cranberry has def helped and we found oranges were a trigger for the uti.

also lemon barley helps aswell - pharmacist reccommended that

I am still getting side effects from the nitrofurantoin despite having stopped it over a week ago, so am getting a bit concerned. I hsve still got the UTI as well and hsve now been prescribed Cefalexin. Has anyone had any problems with this antibiotic?

no idea i use VALUPAK recommended by my urologist. VALUPAK do a lot of supplements and they are not expensive.

now yes i was eating a lot of satuma and suddenly had a run of uti, so my doctor told me to stop eating them and the UTI stopped lol. i have since read the acid can cause irritation of the bladdar lining. you learn something new everyday lol.

No i took cefalexin and it was fine. If you have ecoli it can take several weeks to heal. drink plenty of water and flush the bladder i find helps. I have urinary sticks, and i can see if i am whinging for eurocytes so i flush it out and next test will be normal.

i only ever had ecoli once in my bladder sadly it took a month to clear that was before my journey. so about 1997.