Advice, please!

Hi, everyone!
Does anyone get frequent UTIs? And what do you do about it? Thank you!

What would you regard as frequent?

I’m just seeing off one at the moment. GP prescribed a 7 day course of nitrofurantoin but it came back after 3 days. I’m getting used to needing double duration antibiotics (for all issues them) since having MS - slower healing time. Second time though, they sent my wee off for culturing, to make sure nitrofurantoin was the right stuff - or switch to a more specific product.

I get UTIs almost every month, usually it happens before my period. Thank you for your reply!

They gave me nitrofurantoin once, it was the worst medicine ever! Severe head and stomach aches :-1:

Get them to check you haven’t got a bladder stone. Although a lot of things can cause UTI’s when you have MS bladder stones are becoming more common.

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I have a kidney stone and my Dr is convinced it is populated with UTI bugs. I ended up in Hospital for 6 days on IV antibiotic because the infection resisted 3 oral courses. (Gentamicin cannot be administered at home!)
I am drinking gallons and go to loo when my 2 hour timer rings ~ improving.