trimethoprim side effects - Legs very weak

Hi all,

Hhubby is day 2 of Trimethoprim for a uti and he has just phoned me to say he cant walk very well.

I vaguely remember these tablets causing that before and I have searched online and it seems a comon see effect. We have decided to stop it till we see the GP tomorrow.

Have you had this reaction to this medication?



Hiya Caz

Wow! Well there you go. My wonderful ‘bladder’ nurse tried the old self catheter process on me on August 8th for the one and only time and it gave me a UTI (thanks). Since then I have been battling my doctors to give me something for the infection and they did last week, Trimethoprim! 3 months later!

This is new territory for me but I did find it made my legs very stiff and more difficult to walk. Saying that, though, it seems whenever I start a medication it WILL effect my legs for a couple of weeks.

Came off Trimethoprim yesterday and my legs are less stiff but will need a few days to get assess them.

I take it your hubby won’t be on it for too long?


Hello Caz,

It hadn’t occured to me before that my Trimethroprim dose could be causing my very weak legs, but as this really started when I started taking the tablets, then everything fits. I was given them to treat a uti, and now this has gone, I have a half dose, but even this is enough to make my legs wobbly. Because I keep getting utis, my GP wants me to alternate with half doses of the Trimethroprim and Cefalexin. I don’t know if this latter causes the same side effect but knowing my luck it will. I just hope that our bodies can adjust to the medication.