Weak legs from Cefalexin 500mg

Hi there,

My husband has PPMS and has a uti which the GP has given yesterday 5oomg Cefalexin 3 times a day…Well today he has not got a temp but his legs are weaker …I am waiting for the GP to phone back and hopefully reduce the dose to 250mg or give something else… The bug was sensitive to Gentrimicin also which I think can only be given at the hospital.

Has anyone else had a side effect from this antbiotic?


Hi, could it be your husband’s leg weakness is due to the infection rather than the antibiotics? Whenever I have a uti my legs feel a lot weaker.

No definately the meds. The GP has dropped the dose to 250mg and he says already noticed a differemce…And temp normal… I know when he has a temp he gte sconfused and legs weak also but not this time.