Hubby getting weaker

Hi all,

Hubby has PPMS and in the last month he has got a lot weaker. Outside we use a wheelchair but in the home he uses a Zimmer frame to get from room to room. We have stairs and last week he fell from top to bottom and luckily was not hurt. Now this weak he feel again but downstairs and had to call for linkline assistance.

I was wondering if anyone else has found their legs weaker and weaker recently and how do you manage.



Hi Caz,

Sorry to hear your hubby is struggling. Maybe the heat is having an effect on him, i know it’s making me feel a bit weaker, but i have rrms and not sure if it works the same!

I don’t know a lot about this, but i am sure he would be entitled to some form of grant from the council to make adaptions inside your home. Maybe a stair lift, a wet room etc… all of which could help him get about easier.

Try speaking to your ms society they might be able to point you in the right direction. Hope that helps.

Hi Anon,

Funny just looked for this post of mine and it wasnt there now back again.

We went down the stairlift road a few years back and werent entitled to it…Most Social Services try to make you have a through floor lift which we don’t want. We have already had a man round from Stannah lifts and he says hubby too tall…When we have time we will contact other companies.

His fall wasnt only on the stairs and guess its the progression as fall came about before the hot weather.

Hi, Im so sorry to hear of your hubbys falls and increased weakness.

Maybe you need a new home assessment and perhaps an indoor wheelchair for him.

I`ve gone through the same journey, as my condition progressed very quickly as regards my mobility.

Ring social services and ask for an Occupational Therapist assessment.

The wheelchair assessment is done by Wheelchair Services, so you need to ring them as well.

Our safety is our utmost importance.

luv Pollx

Hi Caz. I too have PPMS. My legs have got weaker over the past 18months and we have installed sturdy stair banisters that help me when I’m wobbly on my legs. Also there is no shame in ‘bum shuffling’ down stairs especially when my legs have decided to shut up shop! Better to be safe sometimes. Next stop a bungalow. Mike.

Hi Caz, Sorrz to hear about your husband I agree with Pollz has said. I was a social worker before retiring. I have never encountered someone beieng to tall for a stairlift unless their is a head clearance issue going up the stairs? Heat does floor me 8am and 30 degrees here, so guess I will be switching on the the airconditioning. Take care & good luck to you both.


Thanks everyone for your help.