Hubby keeps falling

Hi all,

This month hubby who has PPMS has fallen 3 times we are not sure whether it is the progression…heat or uti which is being treated.

How do you manage around the home he has a zimmer frame to go between rooms and no stair climbing until I get home.



My legs are definitely wibbly wobbly at the moment. I am putting the weakness down to the heat not progression.

Falling, even in the house, is a demoralising experience. I just want to sit and cry when it happens to me even if I haven’t actually hurt myself. About 2 years ago I accepted an indoor electric wheelchair but my plan was to put it in the corner with a nice throw over it! Actually it turned into a boon. I relished the ability to scoot from room to room with very little effort. Suddenly I could get food, a cardigan, my specks that I had left in the bedroom. My daughter said she felt much happier knowing I was safe and I felt 100 times more independent.

My GP referred me to wheelchair services and I got an indoor electric chair because I was falling and I didn’t have the strength to self propel. (I’ve got an indoor/outdoor chair now but at the time got only an indoor one) I don’t know if a chair would help your husband but be prepared for some resistance. I didn’t want a chair it was concussion that forced it on me!!!


Just logged in to reply and realised Jane had said everything for me!

Electric wheelchair really is a fantastic aid

Only one word of caution - following a bad fall, I have spent weeks in my electric wheelchair and am finding it hard to get walking again.

After reading the post about Fampyra - the walking drug. l did wonder if this would help your hubby Caz.

And for getting around the house - l find a rollator a boon. lt is so useful for putting books/specs/phone/remote controls/tissues etc. but l can carry a plate and a mug on the top- and even sit on it when l feel the need. ln fact, l can sit on it and move about to get a meal prepared or make a coffee - even do the ironing. l have two - a good sturdy one to take around the kitchen and garden - and to put in the car to take with me. Went to a really nice restaurant last night - handbag and cardi in the bag of the rollator. Got into the place easily to sit down - rollator folds up neatly out of the way - then l have it to get me up from my seat and back out to the car. l have another that has a really good basket to store items and a tray fitted ontop of the seat part.

Got them both after looking at the advice on Patrick Burkes site


Hi Jane,

Last year the wheelchair people came out to assess whether hubby could have an electric wheelchair he already has one for outdoors as he cannot really walk much at all. She said the house was not wheelchair friendly and he could still propel and so no was the answer. I may contact them again as tremors in his hands and body now stop him from doing much at all.