Wheelchair nightmare!

Hubby is a gem but he has much to learn about having a disabled wife. He took me out in the wheelchair for the first time yesterday. We had only used it before for trips to the hospital and they were bad enough but yesterday…we joined the Good Friday walk of witness through the village. We do this every year but yesterday was the first time I was in a wheelchair. Hubby pushed so fast as he rushed to get to the church on time. He bumped me up every pavement as fast as he could. I know pavements are dropped but not completely. Got stuck on one pavement and the footrest came off. On getting to the church we had to go over an unmade section of grassed brick and gravel. He got a footrest stuck on a brick and just tried to bump the chair over it. Never mind me! We began the walk and were in a crowd. He made no allowance for how far my feet stuck out front and whacked three people in the ankles. On arriving at the Parish church at the other end of the village an hour later, it is an old Saxon Minster and make shift wooden ramps have to put over the stone entrance steps. He decided to pull me down backwards. OK except that the crowd mingled at the front of the church for a while before we went in and he turned me around facing away from everybody. So a couple of people whp wanted to talk to me did it from me behind and I couldn’t see them. ‘Talk to Brian’ hubby said…‘WELL TURN ME ROUND THEN’. So he turned me round. People did giggle. The service inside was fine but we stopped at a fish and chip shop on the way back home. He parked me outside and went to get fish and chips. He parked me on a slope and I began to roll. He hadn’t put the brake on. With my only working arm, I managed to grab a wheel and stop it. The chair is a small wheeled one. I put the brake on. He saw this and came out and got me. He wheeled me inside and crashed me into the table and chairs inside. The rest was uneventful.

Oh dear, but I do identify with how this is making you feel.

My hubby did all those things. People talked to him and not me. I have size 8 feet, so I constantly bang my toes!

So I got a self propel. I know you couldnt manage with one of those, but do you think you could manage and electric chair? I have one from NHS, it has a kerb climber for non dropped pavements. before this, I did buy 3 electric chairs over a 12 year period.

Of course transporting could mean a change of vehicle, if you want to go further than your own town/village.

Have a think about it, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Pat, This sounds so familiar - I’ve got an electric wheelchair now so have total self-control of everything - my family meant well but oh those bumps, those curbs - my poor back.

These things are sent to try us…

Happy Easter, Mary

have only just read this today and for me it raised a giggle - sorry. my husband is also a gem but needs L plates when in charge of the wheelchair…i get left facing walls, unable to see people who are talking to me and all the other things you mention. still with a little bit of training there is an improvement but every outing is an adventure… have fun x