What a day!

Hi Everyone, hope today is being kind to you all

What a day I have had…my son took me to Tesco’s this morning,

we got 80% of the shop done and the blasted fire alarm went off, so

leave shopping trolley in the aisle and leg it to the door. We waited for

a while and decided to go back home for a coffee and try again.

Well, we went back, managed to do the shopping, on the way to the car

that was parked in a disabled bay, I see a friend and stop talking. Son duly

went on and put the shopping in the car, and was given a mouthful of abuse

from two “old dears” in the next car. They would not even listen when he tried

to explain that I was trailing behind in my wheelie! enquire as to why he is parked

in that space yes, but at least listen to his explanation. Lucky for them they had

pulled off before I had got to them!

Back home now, shattered and so annoyed, I need to go and calm down.

Pam x

Pam how awful!

It all seems part of this ‘faking it’ culture that’s going on. Shame they didn’t see you in your wheelie… would have had egg on their faces!

Put your feet up now and relax.

Pat x

Hi Pam,

Same thing happens to my hubbie. We doTescos together and he then puts the shopping in the car, which is in a disabled bay, while I’m returning Tesco’s scooter and then staggering back out to the car. He hasn’t actually been challenged yet but oh boy if looks could kill! I would have no objection, like you, if he was asked politely why he was using a disabled bay, because actually I’m all for policing these bays, but your ‘old dears’ obviously didn’t want to listen to the explanation. I’m sorry your son had to be on the receiving end of it.


Hi Pam How rude some people can be. I have found that quite often it i’s elderly people too. Have some r and r this evening. Teresa xx

‘They’ should try walking in our shoes for a while, they are ‘small minded’, people. I always feel it gets even worse at the is time of the year

Take care, M

Morning all,

I am pleased to say I have calmed down, but do really get

annoyed at these small minded people. I was really shocked

when my son told me what had come out of the mouths of two

elderly “ladies” who looked like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths.

Yes, you are right M…they should try our lives for a while.

Take care, keep smiling onwards and upwards.

Pam x

hi pam

hope well now

raises a more general question of blue badge parking,do you look at people and ask ‘well whats wrong with them’

and do you confront them or as in your case your son waiting for you, all for policing of areas but fine line,

more blatant actionsnear me,few small shops by me not big superstores so i go to co-op and theres a disabled parking bay right by cash machine

and people think this is exclusively for the purpose to use cashpoint,winds me up

anyway rant over


It is hard sometimes. There’s a disabled bay right across road from me so I see it from windows. So often see people park with blue badge and return some time later with heavy bags of shopping. Or one young woman who uses it regularly and then totters off down the road in very high heels.

But I do remind myself that maybe they have a heart problem or a million things like MS that don’t show.

Once again the tabloid press make out that everyone using blue badge is a scammer. All part of an anti-disabled campaign!

Pat x