Hello everyone

hope your all as well as you can be.

i just wanted to say about somthing that happened to me last wednesday whilst out on my twiuce yearly shopping trip with my carer.

i went to shop mobility (great servive they provide i think) and whilst travelling in the mobility scooter on way up to highstreet an older lady around 60’s or 70’s literally was really angry i said sorry as thought maybe im in her way and then whilst i was on scooter still she shoved me and punched me very hard in the arm , my carer and me were stunned as i was all day. the lady didnt have mobilty problems as she had no stick or anything and then marched off. as a young person at 34 now i feel i get this kind of thing alot from older people only if im honest. thought they would be the ones with patience and compassion.

ive never had a pysical assult and i was glad she didnt have a stick which i said to my carer laughing at lunch to try and lighten it a bit but still i feel really delicate now and worried that through no fault of my own because im disabled because of MS and now am registred as sight impared too i am going to keep being treated this way.

i know this sodding unelected gov have been pivitol in changing the publics opinions of those with disability as well as the media shouldnt maybe the ms society and other disability groups be trying to help change the publics perseption for the better?? just an idea.


Hi, that’s dreadful. Could you report it to the police? Was there a cctv camera? I feel too that this government has a lot to do with peoples opinions of the disabled. We’ve been made to look like scroungers. Hope you’re ok (((Hugs))) Lynn

I think, in general, older people assume priority by way of the fact that they’re older. They were brought up in an era where people respected their elders. My Mum was the same. She’d take offence for what would appear to be no reason at all, and expect you to telepathically know what the problem was. Don’t worry about it. Heather

Yes they should. Im sorry to read your awful experience, this seems to be happening more and more and something needs to be done. My wife pulled into a pub/restaurant with her wheelchair confined 79 year old mother last Friday where there were 5 disabled bays all taken by builders vans. (No blue badges) One 6ft plus builder was getting out of his van having just parked when my wife asked politely if he would move his van because of her mums disability and he put his face right up to hers and said, " I don’t give a f***."

She went into the restaurant to complain (Beefeater) and was told there was nothing they could do as the car park was owned by the motel next door (Premier Inn.) Premier Inn said they couldn’t police the car park. Its absolutely disgraceful. I hope the Mods do not remove the company names in this post as I am happy to name and shame. I have also told many friends and family and will not be frequenting any of this companies establishments again.

Hello Caz,

Try not to think any more about it as chances are that she is a loon, or at least very disappointed with life as she has no right to treat you in this way. Forget it.


I’m so sorry that this happened to you, must have been awful. I do think it should be said that not all old people are like that, there are good and bad people in every age group. It seems to me that ours has become a dog eat dog culture, no respect for each other in general. It’s s very sad state of affairs. The trouble is nobody listens to the powers that be as they have proven time and time again to be completely inept at most things. I had an argument with a ‘man’ today when trying to pick up my son from school, he had blocked the entire pavement with his van and was just sitting inside smoking. The road is a very busy one and I had my other son in a pushchair, I struggle with the walk as it is (balance being dodgey an all) so there was no way I wanted to walk in the road with him. I banged on the back of his van and he stuck his head out the window and said ‘what?’ I asked politely that he move so I wouldn’t have to endanger my sons life, the response was unpleasant, so I kicked the back of his van and he drove off. I was absolutely fuming. But think I may have dented his precious van, so I feel a little better! Bullies don’t like being stood up to.

so sorry you came across this idiotic old woman,you must have felt so shook up with it,its a shame you cant report it to the police,it was an assault,people cant go round doing this to anyone,she must have been mentally ill,but that doesnt help you,does it ?

Like you, i dont get out very much at all these days,and at times i am not that fussed,i do most of my shopping online now,i prefer to.

hope you feel better soon,chin up,dont let the b******s grind you down.

J x

omg im so sorry that happened to you, thats just wrong, you shudnt have to go thru that

Well I never! She was just some no mark old cow who would be miserable with everyone, wherever she was! She`s damned lucky she can walk without even a stick to help her.

Like everyone else, I am incensed at how badly you were treated, through absolutely no fault of your own.

Please don`t let this incident put you off going out…please!

I firmly believe that anyone who does someone else a bad turn, will get their just desserts eventually.


luv Pollx

A lot of the older generation have no manners. They jump queues, make rude comments towards people and seem to think that younger people have no need for sticks,chairs/, mobility scooters.

I was in a chair with a full leg cast on, leg sticking out, and got such dirty looks from old women.

Gah, that makes me so mad!

If I said what I thought of that woman I’d get blipped out but that is shocking and should not have happened to you :frowning:

I’m just beginning to realise how many selfish / ignorant / idiotic / thoughtless b***rds there are out there, and reading the comments here just proves that, it is so sad!

Whatever happened to treating other people as you would like to be treated yourself?

OK, getting off my soapbox now, I just understand where this glut of people came from… personally I was raised to have some manners and it’s so sad to hear these things.

Sonia x

I grew up in a house with my grandparents and my father and I was always told to be polite and that please / thankyou / good manners don’t cost anything. Unfortunately I seem to be in an ever decreasing minority (present company excluded of course)

I have been on the end of rudeness from old/young, male/female, abled/disabled - there is no monopoly on bad manners.

However I have also known some very helpful people. The horrible thing is that these days if you stop to help someone you could end up getting abused from the person you are trying to help - or even worse, sued.

That old biddy sounds like a really horrible woman and just in case there is a next time you should carry a stick as well and then you can thump them back!!!


i think you should really consider reporting her to the police.

your carer was a witness and if there are any cctv cameras, the police will access them.

just an apology from the old bat would be something.

it is upsetting when you are assaulted either physically or verbally.

i was verbally given what for by an old woman, i ignored her but noticed that a lot of passersby were gobsmacked.

i’m sure it was because i was walking to my car in a disabled bay and i dont use a stick at the moment.

it was upsetting and i had to sit in the car for a few minutes before i felt ok to drive off.

carole x

That is terrible. I feel for you. I am 34 as well and I notice how much little respect I get when on my mobility scooter or crutches, I am nearly knocked over every time I go out on my crutches and if they happen to trip over my crutches they look at me as if it’s my fault. The other day I went out with my friend and my godson, she has brought him a buggy that is strong enough for it to hold me up, I was pushing that and going as slow as I do with my crutches and having to stop as much and I didn’t have one person nearly knock me over. Sending you hugs Barney

Hello,You should not have to put up with such moronic idiots!!! There is one word for people like that “PLEBS”.

I send you a (((((BIG HUG))))).


Caz hun, that’s awful! What a stupid cow! I have never been physically assulted like that, but I get verbal abuse shouted at me pretty much everytime I go out. Usually for whoever takes me out parking in a disabled bay ( i have blue badge) It seems that a lot of people think that A, only people in wheelchairs are disabled, and B, that young people arn’t disabled! Which we all know is rubbish. None of this is helped by the way the government and the media mke out that all disabled people are scroungers. This awful government seem to be doing all they can to make sure disabled people are not treated with the equality and respect we deserve. It has to stop! love Bex xxx

hello again everyone x

thankyou all so much for your support and sadly many of you have had simerlar experiances too.

i did contact the police and waiting for another call back as i had to ask my carers permission to give them her number.

i doubt anything will come of it tyhough to be honest as it was in a side street and im doubtful if cctv cameras were up there.

that being said im going to take as far as it will go it was awful but the silly old woman must have had somthing going on with too it isnt acceptable but id rather not be as bitter and twisted as she clearly was.

thankyou all again so much xx caz

thankyou all so much for your support and shareing your own experiences.

so sad others have to put up with this awful treatment too.

maybe the ms soc can help us all by spreading awareness of disability hate crime?? would be nice hey

take care everyone and thanks again caz xx


The elderly are creatures of habit - so there is a good chance she will be out the same day each week - and the same place.

Set a trap!!! Get some friends to ‘witness’ and make sure they video it. l am sure you will recognise her.

Oh The plot thickens. [ l read to many detective books]

Oh Caz, I’m so sorry to hear of your horrible experience and hope the police catch up withn the old bat. What goes around, comes around…she’ll get her comeuppance when she’s least expecting it. Meanwhile, don’t stop going out!

Keep safe. xx