I’m glad you reported it Caz, it’s just not acceptable behaviour.

Hope they find her

Sonia x

Hi Caz I too am really glad that you reported it. Well done you. In hindsight it would have been useful for you or your carer to take a photograph on a mobile phone. But easy to say after the event - you were probably so shocked to think. Hope they catch them and give them a warning. Good luck Hugs Min xx

thanks Min and everyone x

i wish i thought of taking a photo but of course it happened so fast.


irratates me immensly too.

im doubtful the police will catch the woman as it wasnt down a main bit of the highstreet and not sure there was cctv.

oh well at least i know i did what i could.

this country’s attitude towards people who are disabled, single parents, jobless ect has to change.

noone asks for the position they might end up in bout time some proper values came back to the uk.


How about a letter to the your local paper - You have told us what happened - What if the ‘dear old lady’ - has told her friends-

They might after reading your account of the incident - be so astounded that they might let you know who she is. Was anyone with her at the time?

Lets hope someone ‘drops’ her in it.

no sadly she was on her own so that wont happen, i was thinking of local paper but i dont live in the town. i may do a thing and send in to paper after ive finished dealing with police??? thanks x


hello everyone.

i have now after being in touch with the police, they have said that as there was no cctv in area where the assalt happened, the case is now closed.

its so blooming typical

night everyone just thought id let you all know.#


Hi Caz,

Well thats a bit of a let-down!!!

Maybe you should still write a letter to the local paper. It might do you good to get it off your chest too.

Take care hun

JBK xx


A lot of the older generation have no manners. They jump queues, make rude comments towards people and seem to think that younger people have no need for sticks,chairs/, mobility scooters.

I was in a chair with a full leg cast on, leg sticking out, and got such dirty looks from old women.


Sorry but i think that is very unfair.

I am older generation and would never act this way, nor do any of my friends the same age.

I remember my grandson being bullied constantly by teenagers about his fat lazy mother who is disabled and in the end he had to be taken out of school. It seems a lot of hatred to disability comes from chlidren and young people as well more so.

Its the older generation who taught manners to their chlidren. I find actually that my daughters generation late 30 early 40 do not teach their chlildren manners at all. They expect to get anything they ask for, are very rude and selfish too.

This lady could have had a mental health problem, as dont forget people with mental health problems were denied a place to stay and were encouraged to live in the community. I doubt it was personal to someone in a mobility scooter.

I go out twice a week in my wheelchair with my carer and before then my mobility scooter. NOT ONCE, did i come across anyone or any generation behaving badly towards me. Actually the opposite. I am always dealt with curteously and with kindness.

The only bug bear i have is people using the disabled bays.


Hello everyone

hope your all as well as you can be.

i just wanted to say about somthing that happened to me last wednesday whilst out on my twiuce yearly shopping trip with my carer.

i went to shop mobility (great servive they provide i think) and whilst travelling in the mobility scooter on way up to highstreet an older lady around 60’s or 70’s literally was really angry i said sorry as thought maybe im in her way and then whilst i was on scooter still she shoved me and punched me very hard in the arm , my carer and me were stunned as i was all day. the lady didnt have mobilty problems as she had no stick or anything and then marched off. as a young person at 34 now i feel i get this kind of thing alot from older people only if im honest. thought they would be the ones with patience and compassion.

ive never had a pysical assult and i was glad she didnt have a stick which i said to my carer laughing at lunch to try and lighten it a bit but still i feel really delicate now and worried that through no fault of my own because im disabled because of MS and now am registred as sight impared too i am going to keep being treated this way.

i know this sodding unelected gov have been pivitol in changing the publics opinions of those with disability as well as the media shouldnt maybe the ms society and other disability groups be trying to help change the publics perseption for the better?? just an idea.



Sorry to hear about this. The care worker should have rang the police straight away and reported an assault. I expect this lady is another mental health patient who has been integrated into our community. I would not expect any person without mental health issues to behave in this way regardless of age…Not that people with mental health issues behave this way normally but it does happen i have seen it for myself.

Its a shame you had to be on the receiving end of this.

I would like to say though as an older person that I have never treated a younger person with disrespect, nor have any of my friends.

I dont think personally it has anything to do with the any of the governments.

I actually believe its envy. Green envy.

A certain faction of non disabled people beleive that the disabled are showered with loads of money. Lots of freebies including cars, and we get free car spaces too. We are the elite and they hate it. They want what we have sadly.

It is jealousy and envy that is causing the problem with abled and non abled people in this country. Its sadly a spreading disease, not only towards the disabled but with people who work hard for a living. Its a case of I want what you have, but am not prepared to work for it.

IF they want what I have they can have it I would give my blue badge and DLA to them with open arms if they gave me back my life and mobility, but sadly they dont see it that way.

We have to educate the young. A lot of it comes from the children and they are bullying not only disabled children, but children with disabled parents.

I am really sorry you had to be on the receiving end of this persons anger but I am sure it wasnt personal to you. I hope you can now move forward with this. Us oldies are not all that like hugs.xx

I just think it is very sad that we humans are turning on each other ( I speak generally and not in respect of the forum). What happened to decency and respect for our fellow man. Anger seems to be everywhere - the word sorry seems to be in danger of extinction. Yesterday I saw a jogger run out in front of a car. The driver shouted at him, more through shock, I would have thought but the jogger instead of saying “sorry” kicked the car and dented it. This is meant to be the season of goodwill. Come on folks let’s share a little of the good humour and friendliness that appears on here with people when we are out and about. if we make one person smile it will be worth it. I am off now to collect a parcel from the Post office so will see if I can start the ball rolling. Sorry Caz or hi-jacking your post. I applaud you for reporting it and I do hope the offender has reflected on her behaviour - no one should ever be subjected to such an outburst. I do hope you have recovered from such a shock.