Just one of those days :-(

Hi all, I hope you’re all smiling :slight_smile:

I’m only just started with these forums but let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Hayley and I am currently 21 years old. I was diagnosed with RRMS when I was 17 with Optic Neuritis during my college exams. It was a nightmare! If you were to see me in the streets you would think there is absolutely nothing wrong with me (Which I bet a lot of you can relate to). Today I was out shopping by myself and today isn’t one of my best days mobility-wise and I was walking very slowly compared to the majority of the public. Anyway, a woman with a pram thought it was acceptable to push her pram really hard in the back of my legs to try and hurry me up (Luckily I have no pain or numbness etc in my legs right now). As she got past me she said “If you dont hurry up i’ll smash your face in”. Obviously, this isn’t the nicest thing to have said to you but I was/am absolutely heartbroken. Having an invisible illness is horrible and sometimes I wish it was ok to wear a massive sticker telling everyone what’s the matter. Especially being so young and looking well people just don’t think/expect it.

My thoughts are with every single one of you always and I wish you all the best. I truthfully hope that woman’s kid wasn’t hurt with the force of their mum(I’m assuming) being rammed into the back of someone, she will still be a horrible and ignorant woman tomorrow after all! There will always be people like this and unfortunately there’s nothing we can do about it.

What’s interesting though is that I was off to buy card as I make/sell greetings cards and donate 20% of each sale to MS charities when the incident happened, haha.

Big hugs!


Hi Hayley

What a b*tch.

Theres no need for anyone to behave like that, regardless of how well you look. Many of us have had our time looking well and not visibly disabled. But that aside, regardless of the speed someone is walking, being ram raided by a pram is well and truly out of order. I feel sorry for that child, being used as a weapon and having to grow up with an utter cow for a mother.

You have had a tough bit of luck, being diagnosed with MS at the age of 17. I really hope you stay as hale and healthy and non disabled as possible for the foreseeable future. Being diagnosed at any age is a sod, but still being a teenager at diagnosis is rough. I am sorry, but it sounds like you’ve managed to get beyond the diagnosis. And to be a regular donor to MS charities through your work is really something.

Just remember, you may have MS, but you’ll still be a nice person tomorrow. That witch might be able bodied forever, but everyday she’ll wake up to herself being a cow.


well said Sue!

hayley, you’re a way better person than the witch b.tch!

you have the moral high ground.

go well my lovely

carole x


what an absolute cow. Although I feel very sorry for you, imagine what it’s going to be like for that poor child growing up with a mother like that.

Have you ever considered using a walking stick? Years ago when I start using one, it not only improved my walking but also acted as a sign to others that I had a problem with my walking. The vast majority of people were very accommodating when they saw the stick, with some even apologising to me, even though it was me who bumped into them. However, I think with a ignorant cow like this, I don’t think even a flashing neon sign saying “I have MS. My walking is rubbish” would be enough for her 3 brain cells to understand.

The poor child though.


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It is tough enough to deal with your condition without having to cope with ignorant gits too. When I was able bodied, I walked quickly and could be irritated by slower people, but it is way beyond bad manners to assault (physically or verbally) anyone in this situation is completely unacceptable. I also feel sorry for her kids.

All the best


Having MS and walking with a stick turned me into shouty-woman-on-train! “Does your laptop really need that seat?”

“Please may I have that seat, I have MS and cannot stand”. OTT? Drama queen? Maybe but ppl can be such IDIOTS!!

Like that woman - really you’d think someone with a buggy would have a bit more emathy but obviously not her.