Today i went shopping parked in the disabled bay and all hell broke out this old lady ( no offence ) came from no were ranting and wacking my bonnet with her stick the crazy old bat. Despite my hubby trying to carm her down she still dented my bonnet and scared the hell out of me. Her anger was at me as she put it im to young to be disabled im just a benefit cheat get a job you lazy c ####w. I was floored by her language let alone her behaviour. As anyone else suffered the same glare or abuse i have now refused to use the bay’s i would rather wobble to the shop than get battered by an O.A.P. I wanted to slap her but im not that way so i laughed that made it worse and i finally snapped i tore her to pieces. Im sorry for my action’s but i never asked for this shity disease and the headache that comes with it. So i gave her a mouthfull. I mean the social stigma that comes with ms i believe is like you have AID’S and i know that 's strong but surely im not the only one that get’s a mouthfull or the glare. I feel like shouting i only have ms you ignorant shit’s.

OMG!! She actually vandalised your car?!?!? You could have called the police and had the daft bat arrested! Glad you can see the funny side of it, but bloody hell!!

L x

What an old cow. It never ceases to amaze me how prejudiced supposedly reasonable people are. They are so ignorant and narrow-minded. I generally have a negative reaction from people when I am out shopping using my stick. They seem to think I should stand aside to let them past. I am always taken aback by those who are kind or helpful to me as they are so rare. Try not to let her get you down - she has a big problem. Keep your chin up, Teresa xx

Do you go about with a sign to say how old you are? Sometimes people find it incredibly difficult to judge ages, I know I do - on a night out before Christmas I got asked for ID before going into a pub (A PUB!!) - I’ll be 37 next month, and I’m pretty sure I don’t look under 21, let alone under 18 (even if I am wearing a little Santa dress and fairy lights). Obviously the bouncer was being a bit silly, but it’s his actual job to judge ages, so how the numpty in the street thinks he can judge somebody’s age I don’t know.

I agree with you though, I think the MSS should be making more of an effort to expand people’s knowledge about this stupid (indiscriminate) disease that so many of us in the UK have, but so little of the population seem to know about.


L x

Hi, we had an ‘experience’ ith an ignorant traffic warden before christmas, he wanted to check the photo on my badge. Possibly due to the fact that we are reasonably young with smallish children and parked on double yellow lines with a blue badge (or am i just being cynical?!). He became quite aggressive and said tht too many people were using other people’s badges fraudulently. If he had been friendly and polite we woulnt have minded but he was very rude and hostile in his approach. We complained to the council, suggesting that he had some more training in how to deal with the public! Hope i never have an experiece like yours with the lady and the stick - must have been horrible for you, the stares from the people in supermarket car parks are bad enough, i know it shouldnt bother me anymore but it does! Lilbill x

OMG! This is truly shocking. No wonder you gave her a mouthful. I’d have phoned the police and got the stupid ***** done for malicious damage or whatever I could.

I’ve heard of people being horrible and the “you’re too young to be disabled” thing seems to be a theme, but it’s a first to hear of someone getting violent.

The gutter press have a hell of a lot to answer for.

Please don’t let it put you off using your badge.

Karen x

So sorry to hear this,it sickens me to the core, it really does,i get a lot of stares from people when i use my w/c and god help me if i happen to walk a few steps to stop my legs from seizing up,then i really get some looks and even nasty comments, it either really upsets me and makes me feel like i shouldnt be out in public !!! or it can even amuse me,there are some really ignorant nasty people out there,but we have to keep remembering they arent all nasty, there are some good helpful people out there too,you must have felt so upset with it,the stupid idiot, i would have felt like slapping her.

Hold your head up high next time you are out,and be proud of who you are,and dont let idiots like her make you feel bad.

jaki xx

Your husband should have made a citizens arrest, called the police and had her charged with criminal damage to your car. I know however that is not so easy in the heat of the moment, we can all be smart with hindsight.

I do though always carry an inexpensive digital camera in the car, which could be used in just such an occurrence.

(Don’t have one of those new type mobile phones with a camera, to high tec for an old git like me).

But as it has been said many times, one picture tells a thousand words. (Does anyone know who first said that ?).

Take care.

Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).

I know its going to be a bad day when I get out of bed and miss the floor.

Sorry you had to go through this; it’s very upsetting.

Thankfully I’ve mainly received only kindness from people; but have had a few run-ins and dirty looks from people but they have never been youngsters, (who go out of their way to help me) and some elderly people have been very kind but on the whole it’s definitely old ladies that have given me problems. I’m not ageist as I am fast approaching 60 myself and have been described as “the old woman in the wheelchair”, by some 5 year olds who live near to me.

Ps one chap I know who is nearly 80 and has MS was ostrosised for taking a wheel chair on a bus. By – you’ve guessed it some elderly ladies who bullied him because he was alone (his wife being upstairs with a friend and couldn’t get a seat downstairs).

Take care

Love Wendy


Do you go about with a sign to say how old you are? Sometimes people find it incredibly difficult to judge ages, I know I do - on a night out before Christmas I got asked for ID before going into a pub (A PUB!!) - I’ll be 37 next month, and I’m pretty sure I don’t look under 21, let alone under 18 (even if I am wearing a little Santa dress and fairy lights). Obviously the bouncer was being a bit silly, but it’s his actual job to judge ages, so how the numpty in the street thinks he can judge somebody’s age I don’t know.

You lucky girl…

The Bouncer didn’t want the resposibility of you entering onto the property and then getting bollocked by the boss who had probably warned him not to let in ‘undesirables’

and as for the OPs plight… then there is an old saying from Proverbs I believe:

‘A bitter old woman is the crowning work of the Devil’

She has no hope for the future and that was how she expressed it

oh my gosh! that’s really shocking. i though the horrid looks and nasty, rude comments were bad enough, but to have your car damaged is disgusting. I was gonna apply for a disabled badge, but don’t think i’ll bother now though. i would rather struggle than be verbally or physically assulted, and i’m not allowed to drive, so it would be other people that that would suffer too.

I think it’s appealing that ill and disabled people can’t make the most of the few extra sceames that exist to make our lives easier, for fear of other, ignorant people’s reactions. i am fed up of being treated like a fruad cos i have MS, i have done nothing wrong and i’m just trying to live my life as best as i can. i wish people would keep their flipping noses out of other people’s bussiness xx

Please don’t let this awful experience put you off applying for a blue badge if you need it. I have one, and although I have not experienced that kind of reaction (not really sure what I’d do in that situation), there have been the looks and sometimes comments when the ignorant person sees a seemingly able person exiting a car that is parked in a disabled space., I think that we just have to expect that. It hasn’t happened to me very often, and now it’s just really the looks that I get until they see me with my walking stick, and to be honest, I’m too busy trying to stay upright to do more than register that there are looks coming my way. When you think about it, these people are sticking up for disabled people, but sometimes, they direct their “protectiveness” at the wrong person.

L x

Your replys have been really helpfull i called the insurance today as i was worried getting a bad reputation on disabilty car’s they were fab. The gent i spoke explained i would not lose my bonus or get a record of damage to vechiles he explainded he would send a letter to me to put in the log book so when i send the vechile back the auction house grades the car. As long as the door’s of the vechile open then motabilty dont penalise you im stunned no wonder some people wreck there disabilty car’s. I am not allowed to drive due to epilepsy and my strength in the right side so my hubby ferries me everywhere but still the car is my baby. Hence why i was so angry she walloped my bonnet. I have now got myself a camera in case of any more trouble should it happen. I also agree people need to be educated on ms i have started two thread’s to see what your veiw is.


Good for you, giving her what for, the poisonous old hag.



As some of the others have said I would have called the police. This was shocking behaviour and I’m pleased in the end you gave her a mouthful.

We’ve noticed when we park in a disabled bay many people glare at us and it’s usually the elderly. They seem to sit in their cars and wait to see what happens and it’s blatantly ovbious they are watching us.

My husband gets my wheelchair out of the boot so then they drive off.



oh yes I get rthe stares as wel when I put up my BB, but they soon drive off when they see my husband putting my scooter together, it must be a public thing where they have seen on the tv or read it in the gutter press where EVERYONE is using their BB when they should not and just borrow it to get a good spot for parking. I would gladly send it back if I could walk far.

Al x


No, you are definitely not alone on this. It was quite some time ago now (when I was younger) but my husband pulled into the disabled bays, and before I had chance to put my badge up, this “old man” was screaming at us, and his language was disgusting to say the least.

At first I was in tears, but he just kept on and eventually I let rip, and boy did he get it. He said my BB should be in the car permanently and not in my handbag. I told him in no uncertain terms that BB do get nicked, and you are advised that the badge relates to a person, not a vehicle. I truly could have floored him, problem was with ms I couldn’t,… lucky him!

I wish I could be like my hubby in situations like this, very calm, patient and no raised voice, but perhaps its having this cruel illness that has taken my calmness and patience away.

Keep your chin up, old or not, she is very ignorant.


I’m not really surprised that it was an old woman who attacked your car.

When I whizz around various shops on my big buggy,it will always be an old woman who will ignore me,not move when I have very politely asked her to and generally be unhelpful.

Kids tend to stare at me,blokes will smile,but the attitude of the elder lady is,

“I’m 120 years old, have raised 28 children,fought in three world wars won Wimbledon,but you need the buggy,therefore I am better than you so are [filtered rude one].”

Just my humble observations, as are the fact that I’m treated with more respect in Lidl,and Aldi than any other supermarket. I know why,but have you got any ideas?

As for old women and their adorable dogs…Don’t get me started


I have been entitled to a blue badge for 3 years having high rate mobility but have never applied.

Three years ago I could walk a bit with a stick so it was’nt a problem but I would of worried about the old women. Now its a wheelchair or scooter. So really I dont need a disabled parking space unless I cannot get out of the door. I hav’nt driven for 18 months and now my driving licence renewal is up…so I think I can kiss good bye to my licence after 31 years,

When I get some photos done I will now get a blue badge just in case. The only time I need to walk a short distance is from the car to my parents house with a rollator…unfortunatly they have double yellow lines outside most of their house, so it can be difficult to park at times

I would not have put up with anyone hitting my car with a stick though…who do these people think they are?


…I too have suffered at the hands of ‘The Older Lady’…when I was working and still able to walk…albeit with the aid of two crutches…I could never get a Disabled/Elderly priority seat on the bus as they were always taken by ‘The Older Ladies’…who had nearly knocked me over SPRINTING to be first on the bus!

…and don’t get me started on ‘TOL’ that ram me with shopping carts or who hog the Accessible Toilets!!!..ho hum