Raging....Disabled parking Fiasco

Well last night I decided to go Supermarket shopping with hubby…Just for a few things last minute.
I parked in the designated parking bays for wheelchair users and helped hubby out of the passenger side onto his wheelchair…

Half hour later we came back to find a 4X4 had overlapped the crossed boxes by about 12 inches…This made it more that difficult for my hubby to get his banana board out and for me to help him into the seat. Watching him struggle made me madder than ever. So after helping him into his seat i decided to write a note stating that due to the persons bad parking my husband had great difficulties.

Whilst writing it a lady who had no walking aids carrying 2 bags of shopping in her hands and very able bodied and her other half also no walking aids and carrying bags came back to the car. I said Excuse me the way you have parked just made it very difficult for my husband to get into his seat. She looked and I thought she will say… Sorry I didn’t realise but instead she said " F**K OFF and tough luck!!" Well that was it I saw red and the rest cannot be repeated on here… Why? Grrrrrrrrrrr

There are some ignorant people out there,who deserve a b****y good slap,and i think i would have done just that.

J x

That’s terrible Lushcaz. I can understand you would be fuming. I would have been too.

I’ve had problems myself when parking at supermarkets.

Well done you for giving them a piece of your mind!!

Shazzie xx

Hi, I don’t really no what to say about this, it just bloody beggars belief, like you my answer would not be allowed on this site and it would have taken all my strength not to have smack her face, but do you know what, their not worth it and one day she will get whats coming to her, by the way did she have a blue badge, take care and don’t let the BI**H bother you. x x

One thing I left off this post is that a policeman and woman came and held my arm and told ME I would be arrested as they heard me swear. They did not however hear her.

Greenhouse the police asked me if I had a bluebadge and I said has she…they asked her she said yes then drove off. They didn’t look at hers

It is horrible when someone breaks the rules in a shocking way, rather than just a routine way, isn’t it? Overlapping the cross-hatching in a brute of a 4x4 is breaking the rules in a (sad to say) routine way, and of course you were expecting her to give you the routine, ‘Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise…’ reply, which would probably have been insincere of her, but part of a conventional exchange, and you would no doubt have parted on chilly but polite terms (both parties muttering under their breath, most likely). But for her to come out instead with foul-mouthed nastiness! Just horrid. I think you did really well to give as good as you got - a lot of people (me, I’m sure) would just have been too shocked and flustered to respond right away, and she would have driven off before they had gathered their thoughts. So good for you, but I am sorry that you and your husband have had such an unpleasant experience.


Another triumph for the criminal justice system. Police arriving too late but wasting no time in getting the wrong end of the stick!


If it happens again take a picture showing licence plate and disabled bay and then post it on facebook etc and get all your friends to pass it around. The pigs - sorry policepersons - can’t stop you doing that. - Name and Shame I say!!

JBK xx

Personally I’d have taken her reg and written to the supermarket and CC’d the council and probably the local press etc. If they have a badge then the chances are they lied to get it! But with that kind of attitude I’d be really shocked if one of them had any kind of disability!

You are obliged to display the badge or park elsewhere really.

I asked a couple of places if we could use their disabled spaces before I got my badge, and on effectively private property I had no problems getting persmission but they were little siops at times that were not busy, we’d never have just assumed it was ok to use a disabled space.

I’m not surprised you’re annpyed, I would’ve been spitting tacks too :frowning: I’m getting annoyed on your behalf, some people huh!?!

Sonia x

Nice one JBK! :wink: x

Agree with JBK. Have you ever noticed how people in the wrong when challenged resort to insults and rude gestures. Suppose it is far easier than a simple sorry.

I read through this and again I am getting myself annoyed… I guess what annoyed me the most was watching my husband struggle to transfer.

It is a pity the police didnt hear her though and her husband sat as mute as ever in the passenger seat. Guess he didnt want a scene seeing the details on her bluebadge were probably not hers or his. Otherwise he would have joined in.

The policeman said to me “Didnt you hear me saying Oi from over the carpark.?” I said No and I wouldnt have answered anyway as my name is NOT Oi!!! Damn Cheek.


I would have gone back into the supermarket and asked at the desk to them to put an announcement over the tannoy asking the people who own ‘type and reg’ to kindly go and move there car as the disabled person in the space can’t get into their car as they’ve parked over the lines.

A few month ago a man in an Aston Martin parked in a disabled space without a badge at my local supermarket, just as I was getting out of my car. I stood and looked at him, he got out of his car shrugged and went to walk off. I said to him that he shouldn’t be parking there to which he answered ‘And what are you gonna do about it’ and walked off. I took a note of the number plate and went into the store and reported it. They put an announcement out ’ Could the driver of the Aston Martin reg number ####### kindly go and move his car from the disabled parking bays, these bays are for blue badge holders only’. The man was standing not far away and turned around with a red face, I said ‘now you know what I’m gonna do’ with a smile. I got a round of applause from the staff and the few cutomers within ear shot, while he sloped off to move his precious car!


Report her to the police for being abusive!!

Good on you Sue :slight_smile:

I had to look at this thread again, it’s rotten how some people behave - if a car was left in a street disabled bay with no blue badge it would be ticketed (or possibly even towed). I would never have parked in a diasbled spot before I got my badge… I think I once snuck into a parent with child space because I was gonna be REALLY quick, I just don’t understand the kind of attitude these people have that think they’re beyond reproach! Grrrrr

Sonia x

Even before DX and getting a blue badge myself I alwayed fumed about people who misused disabled bays - and there always seemed to be a lot of people around where I lived However, being a bit of a coward I never challenged anybody until 1 morning going into my Sainsbury’s very early when I couldn’t sleep I saw someone parking in a disabled bay with no blue badge and a turn of speed that would have made Usain Bolt proud! She had to stop and come back to the car though because she couldn’t lock it properly so I just asked her “Do you have a Blue Badge?”

Obviously she didn’t and she was really nasty in her replies. As well as swearing at me she was saying really stupid things like “no disabled is going to want to use it at this time of day are they?”

She then was REALLY stupid and said “Well, I can park here because I am a member of staff” AND YES, SHE WAS!!!

Don’t think her manager liked it when I complained about her as soon as I got into the shop! (And I know that her car had been moved by the time I had picked up my shopping!

When I first qualified, one of the straightforward courts our bosses trusted us to do was the traffic courts. Periodically there had been a crackdown by Police on abuse of Blue Badges (which were Orange then of course!) so we would get a whole court full of people who were using a badge that related to a disabled relative who was nowhere near the car when it was parked (quite often near to a Premier League Football Ground when the card was issued to a 90 year old granny)

One of my colleagues had a very clear physical diability that seriously affected her mobility and she used to always ask to do those courts because she loved the look on the defendant’s faces when she walked into court! Not many not guilty pleas in her court I can tell you.

Hi, if you had looked to see if there was an official badge and there wasnt one, you couldve asked if she would like your hubby`s illness to go with a blue badge!

Maddening…sheer maddening!


Hi, I feel for you and your hubby, there are some ignorant people. I always have a sneaky peek at other cars in the bays to see if they are displaying blue badges, my husband calls me the blue badge police. I once asked a trolley collector at Tesco if they monitored the bays and was told that they used to, but don’t bother now. What a good idea to take reg numbers into the store as it may stop more people taking up the spaces that we all need, but wish we didn’t.