Car Parking Rage!

Taking OH to hospital this morning, waiting 15 mins for a disabled parking spot when a woman driver nipped into the one where I was clearly waiting to enter. Think she got more than she bargained for!! She said the driver leaving the spot had said she could have it… However she sort of said what are you going to do about it, but luckily she decided to get out before we came to blows, I rather think misjudged the opposition.

Even more infuriating to see her walking, unaided, at a good pace a bit later.

I dont know, I did not actually see her park. I know you cant judge whether people are disabled or not and she could have been picking up a disabled person, but as you say the space was hardly the other persons to ‘give’ anyway.

Dont think it did my BP any good. My OH is not able to drive so I’m the driver now. I rather think she will think twice before doing it again. I’m a bit embarrased by it really, but still…