what not to do in an electric wheelchair!

last saturday night i was on my own, it snowed all day non stop and was still snowing come bedtime. i decided to go to the  downstairs loo before heading up to unfastened my jeans ready to transfer to the loo. but on my way there found the dog waiting by the back door so opened it to let her out. snow tumbled  into the house.... that was my first mistake,

as my son hadnt shut the gate propery i cursed him out loud then without thinking pulled forward in my wheelchair to try and slam it shut. not a cat in hells chance, it was wedged wth snow. and now i was almost competely outside. wheels spun but i wasnt going anywhere, i was stuck and fast turnng into a snowman. i shouted for help but noone came.

so i sat there trying not to panic as images of my dad calling round in the morning and finding me frozen stiff outside the back door flashed through my head.

i lent back and managed to undo the handles that let someone manually move the wheelchair then tried rocking back and forward. no chance. by now i was wet through and shivvering. only option now was to try and stand up. i was so wet my trousers and knickers made their way down to my thighs as i struggled to my feet. now it was do or die time!

grabbed the fence and managed to turn round and get hold of the wheelchair and push and push till the wheels went back through the door then collapsed back into it. im not religious but something helped me do all this as under normal circumstances i would have struggled without snow and the freezing cold. i was out there for almost an hour. managed to peel  my clothes off and get up to bed only to find a rather wet dog under my quilt!

so be warned you wheelies, they are bloody useless in snow and dont be as stupid as me and get yourself in such a pickle!



Oh bless you, what a nightmare. So pleased you managed to get back in the house safely. We haven't really had any snow down hear in Somerset yet but they keep saying it's coming!!!

We live and learn I guess

Keep well



I’m always surprised at what I can do when I have to - it usually flattens me, but I can do things I wouldn’t normally attempt when I have no choice - well done, and I hope the dog didn’t make your bed too wet

Luisa xx

What an awful experience and so I was pleased you managed to get yourself back inside into the warmth safely. Snow and wheelchairs don't mix but it just shows the strength of us MSers that we continue to try.

((((((BIG WARM HUGS))))) Mary


       Do take care - You could have turned into a 'paraplegic snowman' by the morning. lts times like this you must have a mobile phone on you.

Take care


Frances you are 100% about the mobile phone. I’m constantly putting mine down and leaving it. I dragged my daughter out in the worst of the weather because she couldn’t get in touch with me. I was asleep on the sofa and my mobile was in my dressing gown pocket in the bedroom with 21 missed calls!
I now wear the phone round my neck on a lanyard – the ultimate dork look!



Hi, well done on getting yourself back into the house, as Luisa says it is amazing what you can do when you have to!

Good advice too from Frances and Jane about a mobile phone.


OMG! What a terrible experience! But well done you for getting yourself out of it - amazing!

Karen x

That is a really scary experience. So glad you got back in OK. Shudder to think what may have happened if you hadn't found that extra burst of strength.

Rest up and recover today....


Oh Janet, what a picture you painted for me!

A right spectacle you would`ve been for your poor dad in the morning, if you hadn`t got back inside.

Yes, something else did help you get sorted, that we can`t see or feel.....but I regulalry ask for divine help when I`m in a pickle. and get it too.

The wet dog in your bed................did you end up sleeping in his dry bed?

If nowt else, you`ve given us a chuckle at your expense, eh?

luv POllx

Never say die,eh Zelda? Well done, you have great mental strength and determination!

Teresa xx