Wheelchair Blip

Yesterday I got caught out with My wheelchair. It failed on me at the worst possible time , I’d gone out with Molly my 18 year old daughter and Naomi my Granddaughter, and Frazer of course. it was dark cold and wet . Naomi’s only 4 so she was sat on my knee. The chairs been playing up for a couple of weeks, it’s not holding its charge very well. It was great going down the hill where I live but then it went from green to amber and flashing red! . My daughter lives at the bottom of the hill and I just about managed to get Naomi back to her going at a snails pace . But going up the back up the hill was a different matter. Molly has autism and she wasn’t in a good mood…when Molly’s in a bad mood all the street know about it . Thankfully a kind hearted young man pushed me all the way home . Ross Care are coming out on Monday to replace my batteries . It’s funny I always say I don’t feel disabled when I’m in my wheelchair, it goes so fast I feel like I’m running and I always have it on top speed. Frazer my assistance dog loves going fast hes at the side of my chair . Last night I felt very disabled …well at least it keeps me humble. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Michelle

Hi Michelle

Oh dear I am sorry to hear about your problem and hope new batteries will put you back on the road quickly.

I have only had my chair malfunction once whilst out, and like you, felt extremely vulnerable and disabled, and was so glad my hubby was home and quickly rescued me.

Take care you will soon be back to ‘full speed ahead’.

Pam x


Oh no, you can feel so helpless sometimes. Well, you cannot say that your chair is underused. I’ve had to be rescued a few times. We can rely on them so much but we cannot take them for granted. And yes, feeling humble can be a good character builder.

x woof


Thanks Steve, our chairs are a lifeline for us arnt they, how are you ? I keep thinking about you I’m glad that you’ve got carers going in helping you . Michelle and Frazer xx

Thanks Pam, I have insurance on mine but it would have been so much bother waiting for them to come when I was only at the bottom of the hill , Lee was at work so I was glad of the friendly man pushing me up the hill. Michelle and Frazer xx


I can only imagine how scary that must be. Breaking down in a car when on your own at night or just in the dark afternoons is bad enough. I lost power in my scooter once but fortunately just made it home. I hope the new battery gives you back your mobility and you don’t lose your confidence. Your positivity and independence inspires me to get out more too.

Take care

Cath x