My wheelchair thinks it' a tortoise

Ive just come back from a fantastic day in Chester. I met my sister and my nephews with my girls and their friends and Rochelle and the twins and of course Frazer. But my chair decided to throw a wobble. Ive only had new batteries since September and they are already playing up. Anyone with a power chair will know the panic you feel when it starts flashing red. My nephew pushed me to the station and then it seemed to recover a bit on the journey back to Frodsham …well it was okay going down hill but Molly and her friend had to take turns pushing me up the hill back home … As I said in my title it thinks it’s a tortoise. Maybe it’s just protesting I did have my twin granddaughters on my knee for most of the day. But apart from that we had a fantastic day playing on the park and smelling all the soaps and bath bombs in Lush . And eating fish and chips in blackstocks . Even Frazer was happy… Naomi and Laura dropped the odd chip on the floor, he was just a bit shocked by the sour taste of the lemon slice that Laura dropped the on the floor , his face was a picture. Any way we are back safely…exhausted but happy I’m just relaxing under my heated throw and Frazers curled up in front of the fire. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Michelle

Glad you had a lovely day in Chester, just a shame your chair has chosen today to be a pain, but glad between them they managed to get you home. I know from experience the feeling of that panic when your chair plays up, last time (luckily) I was quite close to home, and hubby was home, so came and rescued me.

If I were you, first thing Monday morning ring WCS and ask them for a visit as a matter of urgency, as these things can knock your confidence.

Take care, woof from Alfie to Fraser.

Pam x

hello Michelle

Nice to hear about a good day.

Well done to the family for getting you home. Would you believe sometimes I cycled to Froddy from Wallasey. i always ensured that my first piano pupil was the highest up the hill and the next was always lower. On Thursdays however, I had to finish at the top of Carriage Drive.

Oh how life has changed.

Woof, xx Steve.

Thanks Pam , I’ll ring them on Monday , it’s covered by Ross care because it’s a nhs chair I’m a bit disappointed because I’ve only had it a year and the batteries were paying up in September. I don’t think they should wear out that quickly. I charge it every night it shouldn’t be running out after a day in Chester. My other chair was a lot older I’d had it over 3 years before the batteries needed replacing. Michelle and Frazer xx

Steve that’s a memory I bet you were tired. Lee always loved cycling he used to come all the way from Bolton to Hyde where I lived on his bike , he could do it in an hour and it was about 25 miles. That was many years ago before we got married . He still loves his bike but hardly gets out now . Work and famiy commitments and then he’s older so not as energetic. We went to delamere forest recently I was in my chair with Frazer it was good but i couldnt keep up . Michelle and Frazer xx

XX Glad you got home okay Michelle. My chair went slow when I first got it but its okay now.It was me I had tipped it back to far and it goes at half speed then tipped it straight and it went fast again but I had forgotten those instructions …silly me

Thanks Don , I did wonder if it was something like that . My little granddaughters are monkeys and will touch all the buttons on my chair. I think it is the batteries though, the last time Ross care came out the engineer said that some of the batteries werent great because they’d been on the shelf for a long time. I’m going to call them out when the snow clears up, I’m not going very far in this weather, its so cold i just want to stay close to the fire. Frazer agrees with me he likes being curled up warm in front of the fire. Michelle and Frazer xx