my maiden voyage in new wheelie

Hiya mateys! Well the boss wheelchair man came yesterday to do the official handover for my new wheelie.

It was snowing when he arrived. he went through the workings of the wheelie, got me into it and watched me go round the house. Yes, I did hit one or two door edges..............I want it all open plan anyway..........must slow down, he said!

Then as he was finalising his paperwork, i said i was planning a shopping trip. he looked at me and shook his head. `No, you can`t go out in the snow!` `But I only go out once a week..............I need retail therapy`, I cried.

He said, `Well it`s up to you, but we can`t tell you it`s advisable to go out in snow`. Then he added that it was due to stop around lunchtime.

So I donned my new rain poncho.....very fetching! Underneath I had a thermal vest, a cotton top, a thick cardigan and a knitted poncho, a scarf, a hat, gloves, trousers, sox and boots. i did a great impression of Heidi! We set off to Huddersfield. We parked next door to Dunelm and stayed inside for 2 hours...........lunching, shopping and gently bumping into the odd display or two!

When we came out the snow had all gone! I looked at a kerb about 3 inches high....should I try out my kerb climber? Hmmm? Nah, maybe next time!

By the way, i didn`t share Zelda`s awful snowy experience. Poor her, eh?

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,

Well done you, didn't think snow or anything would stop you having a go. I bet you looked real sexy in all your gear.

As the old saying goes "more power to your elbow"

Just take care and mind the obstacles in your path!!!

Love Janet x x


Hi Poll, sounds like you had a great time. Well done.


Hi Poll.  Great news about your new wheelie  - hope you find it gives you more independence and scope for outings - I too had an outing on my new scooter today - think the boss wheelchair man did have a point as I managed to do wheel spins on my scooter as the surface was rather snowy and icy!

Gently bumping into things is always good - I once managed to run into a box hedge at a National Trust property on a hired scooter - won't say which one in case they are looking for me.  It was less worrying than the time when my scooter stopped whilst crossing a railway line.  The battery had become disconnected due to the bumps.

Here's to happy and safe wheeling!

Helen x


Well done Poll - proud of you

Mary xxx


Great work with the wheelie Poll. See my pm.

Teresa xx

Flippin eck Helen, you take more risks than I do. Dont like them railway crossings...........cant you use an alternate route…now i`m worried about you!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll

Don't worry - it was the crossing at Barmouth by the train station - they don't have many trains a day!

I promise to be careful.happy2

Helen x

Been to Barmouth…nice seaside town in Wales…if its the same one that is. Glad youre being careful.

luv POllx

Cheers to all who replied. Think i`m safe now if anyone wants to go to Halifax or Huddersfield!

luv Pollx