My Day Out Friday.

Goodmorning Family.

Ive only been on a bis in my wheels once.I made a mess of that one.The weather has wrmed up here in Camarthenshire so I dedcided to attemp the bus in my wheels again and take my girl shopping to the local town centre its only a small area but it is good practice.

Got to the bus stop and the bus driver undid the ramp but silly man would not move out of the way of the ramp I had to ask him to move 3 times.Anyway my fear of buses is getting trapped and hurting my legs again.Since I ran into the slide at the park crushing both legs and the left leg took weeks to heal.

So I put the foot rests up and tuck my feet under my wheels.As the bus area is very tight to move around.Well I shocked myself and got on the bus and parked up with no problerms.

Getting off the bus is easier than getting on.

So we did a little shopping and both had a cooked breakfast.

We ended up with two back packs full of stuff mainly for my child.

Well then it was time to go home the heat was to much for me.Well the next bus driver was a little chubby and a jolly man.He got the ramp out and was chatty.I said you have to be patient as this is only the third time I have tried to get on the bus with my wheels.

As I got on the bus he said something about women drivers,I giggled.Well I got on the bus in one go and parked up.OMG I was so ashamed but laughed,he said well done you made it in one and I went bright red as the bus driver and about 10 people in the que clapped me.

Then the driver notcied my L plates well then there was fits of giggles.

I felt so good my heart did swell.

I though you could NOT make up such a story.All true and a lot of fun.

Then a well dressed man who was very neat and looked well to do.He walks with a cane and struggles to walk,yes I have facial piercings and tattoo,s and this well to do guy is chatting away.He said he was considering in getting some wheels and he had tried a scooter and an electric wheelchair and failed terribly and spun out of control.I then explained he needed to start on a very slow speed and watch drop curbs and so on.I now think he is confident enough to also get a set of wheels.He asked how long I had been in my wheels and he was shocked it had only been a matter of weeks.

So fingers crossed he will get himself some wheels and have a little more freedom.

I am amazed before I got my wheels and after how many people actualy stop and chat even though I look so diffrent.

I plan a longer journey to a bigger shopping centre with a lot more people around very soon.I feel confident enough to do so.

Life is so much better and I can live a little now with my wheels.I recommend a scooter or an electric wheelchair for others.

I hope you all have a great Sunday and enjoy the weather.


Hello Charlie,

                       What a lovely story. It just goes to prove that practice does make perfect, and also how much better everyone's lives are if people treat us with patience. Best of luck for your next excursions!

Tomorrow, my niece will be here for the day and we will be going into town with her. I use a stick when we are in the village here, but I don't like to take one into town as there it is more hindernce than help. We were aiming on taking my niece to her favourite book shop, but as this is uphill I am dreading it slightly. Wish me luck!


Hi Charlie

Well done you. You are doing brilliantly with your chair. I bet your daughter just loves it that she can go out with you now. I’m glad that people out there are friendly and helpful.

Good luck with your next trip!

Teresa xx

Hi Charlie,

I'm glad that I'm not the only one to find the bus a challenge.

I'm determined to do it because it's the passport to - well anywhere, but OMG it's a tight squeeze.

I’ve only done it twice and I too got a round of applause, from the queue waiting to get on (mortified)
The first time I got completely wedged, but it was slightly better the next time.

What we need is a bus to practice on with nobody watching!

I’ll keep on going though because it’s only a bloody bus after all



Well done you - what a lovely story xx

Hi Charlie

That's fantastic for both you and your daughter.  My young children was exactly my reason yonks ago for

pocketing my pride and use a wheelie, best decision I ever made.


Enjoy your freedom and independence, I still am!


I dont know if it is just my laptop or not, but the writing is really small, or I suppose my

eyes may have decided to go "wonky".



Ahh bless you all.

It does feel good to get out and about with my girl.I think if I had made a mistake I think I would not of lived it down.

Wendels I have done short journey to the local small town,you must try,our bis drivers have been brilliant so far.Fingers crossed they are all as patient.

It gave me a boost as before I got the bus to the local town but drove in my wheels on the way back.

Skippy its the website,my typing and others today is very very small I am struggling to read it.

I wish you all to have fun days out and some freedom that will make you smile.There will always be the few ignorant obes out there but many are good people.



the writing is very small in all your responses i really struggled to read them lol xx


the writing is very small in all your responses i really struggled to read them lol xx

[/quote] ok i put this reply on and im typing with larger size when you post it is going really small , something wrong somewhere