Fun on the bus

Hello everyone, does anyone else manage to get on the bus with a wheelchair, I find it such a challenge, i have a disabled pass so it makes sense but its getting increasingly harder Yesterday Frazer (assistance dog) and i ventured out we were going to my daughters to see my twin granddaughters the bus arrived but although it had a disabled sign there was no ramp, the driver however was lovely and helped to lift my chair on but then pushed it the wrong way around…for safety reasons there is a certain place that the chair goes and you always travel backwards (which i hate) anyway he got it completely wrong and i was facing forwards , Frazer really made me laugh he knew it was positioned wrong, wev’e been on a few bus trips he was so uneasy and spent the journey trying to climb on my knee. I just wondered if anyone else had experience of this. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hats off to you, I have never attempted buses on my own, or trains. Everything just gets harder doesn’t it? But you got to see the twins did you? And hopefully that made the mad trip worthwhile, hope your return trip was less complicated and Frazer could settle. Not sure if you have other options available, so keep going as long as you can, there will always be someone nice to help, even if there are some muppets about xx

Good for you for coping with a not so usual event…Frazer too, bless him!

So how are the twins? Did you enjoy some lovely cuddles? Hope so.

luv Granny Pollxx

Hi Michelle

Hats off to you, travelling backwards makes me vomit, so I don’t use the bus, although when they first came in, one was parked in the town so wheelchair users could try.

It is definitely not easy getting into the disabled place for two reasons in my humble opinion 1) the stationary pole should be a lift up one, so once your in place, the pole then comes down and 2) as you drive onto the gangway, the first seat on your right should be positioned farther back, then you could reverse easily into the space. (hope this makes sense)

Mind you, even with all the differences being undertaken I still couldn’t travel facing the wrong way!

Hope all is well with the twins, and your family, and you enjoyed the cuddles.

Pam x

Thanks Slug, yes your right despite some of the unhelpful ones you will always people who will go the extra mile, id had quite a few bad experiences with the bus at the beginning including no ramps having to crawl on and on one occasion a lady who didn’t want to move but i have to say I’m glad that i persevered as it means that i can still go places with the children and i have to say i’m getting pretty good at getting into that difficult disabled place…sorry for bragging.


Thanks Granny Poll , yes loads of lovely cuddles and bath time is my favourite, I’m amazed at just how much I can do, Im sat here now with Naomi on my knee, Rochelle stayed the weekend because her heating isn’t working, i have to say Having Naomi and Laura has changed our lives, both me and Grandad Lee are completely besotted and who says I’m " disabled " I can’t wait to venture out with them in my wheelchair, wev’e bought special baby carriers that were suitable for wheelchair users. just waiting for the better weather.

Frazers fine he says woof, thanks for asking, i have to laugh he’s curious about the babies and gives them the same quizzical look that he gives the hamsters.

Love Nana Shell xx

Hi Pam, yes me too, travelling, backward is awful, last time i went to pizza hut with Isabelle i really regretted it, it was a horrendous long bumpy ride back.

Yes I completely agree about the pole… this definitely wasn’t designed by a wheelchair user, and those seats at the front I have to virtually mount them just to get into the right position.

Thanks I’m loving the cuddles.

Michelle x

well done Michelle for coping with a not so easy situation,i take my hat off to you.

I bet those little grandaughters of yours are so scrumptious,wish we could get photos on here…you make sure that you make the most of every minute with them,they grow up much too soon,my little darling will be 3 in a few weeks time.

J x

Michelle, I think you are incredible the way you cope! I very rarely go out and when I do I must admit I’m far too scared to go out alone. Years ago I would go anywhere and have driven alone to and from Spain and in various countries of the world but ms has stolen my confidence as well as my ability! You have my total admiration…as does the wonderful Frazer!

Enjoy those beautiful babies…my grandchildren are now 19,17 13 and 11…it only seems like yesterday when the first two were born…make the most of them!

Take care of yourself,

love Nina xx

Michelle, you are amazing, I couldn’t dream of trying a bus journey.

We occasionally use a wheelchair taxi which I hate, because like you I really don’t like travelling facing backwards.


Hi I’ve got a powered wheelchair that fits on the bus but I have fun trying to get round the pole they have decided to put in the way

Like the others have said, I think you’re very brave too. I dread losing my driving licence and independence. I can’t drive long distances but can get to the bigger towns for my shopping when I have to. I recently went on a train journey down to Watford on the train with my daughter and I was really nervous. The three changes were stressful and by the time we arrived I was exhausted. I think you do really well and I’m glad you got your cuddles which must have made the trip so worth it.

Cath x