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Hi everyone,

I had a very eventful day on Saturday, I took Isabelle for new school shoes, Everything was going great got to the bus stop with Izzy and Frazer (assistance dog)…I’m still a bit nervous but have done it a few times now so thought no big deal…but unfortunately the driver hadn’t had any disability training and although there was a big disability friendly sign on his bus he hadn’t a clue… He lifted my big heavy chair on to the bus but i had to get out and crawl on the bus…sooooo undignified, and the empty bus wasn’t empty as i thought… I had to sit facing 3 passengers who watched it all happen, poor Izzy she gets so embarrassed Thankfully we both saw the funny side of it and had a laugh… but the look Frazer gave me was priceless, if only he could talk!!! The daft thing is when we came to get of the bus Izzy spotted the ramp it was tucked up by the drivers seat.

Michelle x

Shelley that shouldnt have happened, i would explain what happened to the bus company,and put a complaint in,it makes me soooooo mad things like this happen,it really does,as if you hadnt enough to cope with.

J x

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Hi Michelle, I agree with Mrs J. Complain. Explain that the driver hadn’t been trained… he did his best but they shouldn’t be out driving a bus without training on wheelchair passengers!

Glad you managed to laugh about it… but it is terrible that he wasn’t trained.

Pat xx

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Hi Michelle,

I’m pleased you were able to see the funny side of it in the end but I agree with Pat and Mrs J you should inform the bus company…it’s terrible that you had to crawl on to the bus…as if you haven’t enough to contend with!

You’re so brave…I don’t know how you do it…I think I would have ended up in tears!

Nina x


I too agree with the others, it’s bad enough having to use a wheelchair without the ignomy of having to endure crawling onto a bus. It’s great you were both able to laugh, a sense of humour I gets us through some really bad experiences sometimes.

Better luck next time.

Jan x


Thanks for your lovely messages.

I think he felt bad enough, i have a disabled bus pass, but he wouldn’t charge Isabelle…I think it will have shamed him into learning how to deal with wheelchairs…its funny British rail are very good they can’t do enough to help theyv’e got used to seeing me and Frazer (assistance dog) now and we always get the VIP treatment.

Michelle x


Hugs to you all and an extra marrow bone for Frazer


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Frazer says Thanks !

Michelle x

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I’m totally daunted by using bus or train or even aeroplane without hubby to push me. I’m fine locally as still have my car, and can put scooter in and out to use when I need, but have recently thought about longer journeys without hubby and wondering if they are realistic or not. Have never asked for assistance, other than flights with hubby, so not sure how accommodating or easy this would be. Any thoughts?

It can be daunting the first time you do it but once youv’e mastered it the sense of freedom is amazing, My advice would be to take someone with you the first few times and to go when it is a quiet time. British rail are good, you can ring ahead and get travel assistance. Im never completely alone as i take my young daughter with me my girls are the biggest incentive for using the buses and trains I couldn’t leave them stuck in so i knew i had to conquer the fear… I used to drive but i’m not safe to do so anymore.

Michelle x

Snap Michelle I got to the stage of not being safe any more

Don, did you decide yourself not to drive or did the dvla say you couldn’t? Iv’e not driven for two years now, I really miss it but I know i wouldn’t be safe, I’d not been well for a bit, but 2 years ago I got really ill and my complete loss of mobility, double vision and the weakness was so bad that Iv’e never driven since. I know some people still drive I wish I could, its the thing I miss the most, I have a brand new motability car but id much rather have my battered white van and the freedom I had.

Michelle x

Thanks michelle

​i had to get an adapted hand control car about 2 years ago, as legs useless. Also have two young kids so need to get out. Know what you mean about them being an incentive. Fortunately I am still able to drive, although 3 yr licence currently being assessed, so hope all is ok. But yes I love being able to drive and still be independent.

hats off to you, with your opening thread and that bus!!! Crikey.

I do have manual wheelchair but would struggle to self propel far. This I’d just an nhs one, I wonder if other peoples are easier, or whether they just build up strength. I doubt I could even get up a kerb without a pusher (sounds like I’m a druggie). But usually use scooter, but not sure if this would go on train/bus etc??

I suppose because I do have car(thankfully) I am putting off public transport. As you say needs must, but I’m scared to try. Well done you

fun sat with kids?

Morning hoppity and all xx

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