Yesterday me and Isabelle and Frazer decided to go to the disabled swimming group. The plan was to meet on the bus after she finished school…What a bad idea… She was already on the bus and it was absolutely packed with children from her school, poor kid! after she watched me half stagger on because there was no ramp, while the bus driver struggled to lift my chair on… We sat in complete silence both of us pretending that we didn’t know each other, even poor Frazer avoided any eye contact! I thought all buses had to have ramps but maybe i’m wrong, anyway since this has happened more than once Lee said he will write to the bus company and complain. On a positive note we had a fabulous time swimming, i used to go a few years ago with Molly and stopped because i got poorly and now ironically i fit in having my own disability. The pool is newly built and so well thought out they had a platform to lower the pool chair into the water and the disabled changing rooms were amazing, its funny when you are all together as a disabled group you feel “normal”

Michelle x


Hello, Michelle.

Yes, being with others like you can have many good effects. I’ve started going to a monthly coffee drop-in run by the local MS group. I should now be demanding commission from the company who sold me my new wheelchair because a few of them wanted information. When my bus pass comes through, I’ll be going for my maiden voyage-I’m feeling quite nervous about it actually. But I will avoid school run times.

Which swimming pool did you go to? I was assuming Northgate until you said it was new. We could do with something like that down here.

Best wishes, Steve x


Thanks Steve, you are right, being with others like ourselves makes us feel much better. I have a free bus pass issued by Cheshire west its for disabled people. I think lots of authorities probably do them, personally I much prefer the train, the British rail staff are a lot more helpful.

I went to Ellesmere port swimming pool, its a new one, they knocked the old one down, the new one is fantastic its near Cheshire Oaks. You probably know it all very well having lived nearby.

I hope you have a good time when you venture out on the bus in your wheelchair, try not to be put off Steve, its not easy but well worth it to have some independence…You will have to get a Frazer, having him makes all the embarrassing situations worth it.

Michelle x