disabled friendly buses?

Hi, just read jelly bean`s account of her day out and using buses.

This prompted me to tell you about another bit of my Chester trip that wasn`t so great.

just outside the railway station there, are bus stops. we joined the queue and a bus soon arrived displaying the `wheelie friendly` sign. I went to get on and saw the ramp and asked the driver to lower it for me. `I can`t` he said. `It`s been sealed up!` I asked why and he just said it was broken. There was another bus pulling up and i was advised to get on that one.

So I duly aimed myself in that direction, got to the door and looked at the driver. `Sorry love`, he said, `Can`t get you on here, the ramp is broken`. `What?` I exclaimed. `Not another  disabled friendly bus that isn`t!` I was getting a bit miffed by this time and sis took down the phone numbers of the bus company.

Just when I was about to lose my cool, the driver of no-go bus no2 said, `Hang on a minute`. He ran across the road, spoke to another bus driver and explained my plight. This 3rd bus pulled up and happily got me on board for a super trip round Chester. It was a tour bus and it was just for me, sis and bro-in-law. felt like royalty we did!

So Charlie, that was my 1st time on a bus too.

luv Pollx

Oh Poll that is wonderfull.I bet you had a smile from ear to ear ALL day?

Bless you,that just brought a tear to my eyes.

There are some very kind people out there also some plonkers.

But when you meet the nicer ones they so can make our days a bit brighter.Now do not be afraid to travel on a bus.Yes it was a difficult start for you,but you did it once you CAN do it again.I am proud of you Poll I realy am.



I've been on a bus today!!! It comes to something when it's an ocassion getting on a bloody bus but there you are - little things.

When I was waiting for my bus another pulled into the stop - not disabled friendly in fact it had 3 great big steps. One after another of the people getting on it wanted to know if I needed any help. Bless, it would have taken team GB weight lifters to get me and the chair up those steps but it was nice of them to ask. The lady in the queue behind me said " they're determined to get you on that bus!"

When my bus eventually turned up it was full to the brim (school holidays) A lady put a pram and todler in the space in front of me. The little boy reached out his hand and began stroking the very hairy leg of the man in shorts on the seat in front of us. I nearly wet myself at the expression on his face. Of course because I'm facing the back of the bus everyone can see me so I had to keep it to myself or they would all think I was "the mad woman in the wheelchair who laughs to herself"



Wendels I AM the little MAD woman with wheels and I am loved for it.

Yes there are those who will stare as if we are brained dead as well as legless.But many I find have been great with me.

I do hope you had an inconitnent pad just incase of funny accidents LOL.

Jane I am sure we all encounter them days were the bus is not the right one or no one is helpfull.But anyone wants to start on me or make a comment I doubt they will.I am proud of my tattoo,s and my piercings,If I could get go fast stripes for my wheels I would.

Some days are good for out travles and some days they just end in tears...


Hi you 2. Aren`t we a brave lot? Not really, we just expect the same as everyone else gets. We may have to strive harder to get it, but when we do, it`s a big fat feather in our caps, yeh?

luv Pollx