My first Trip On A Bus In Over Two months.

I would just like to share my day out yesterday in over two months.

I got my crutches the other day from my physio,they have them moulded handles for arthritic people as my grip is very poor.

Gosh I had not been into the local shopping centre in over two months,I was having anxiety attacks yeserday with just even the thought of going out.Its a small shopping area.I had to go see my doctor first and chat about my symptoms and pain and pick up my pain meds perscription.

I got on the bus and paid my fare and thought please driver do not pull out before I sit down,bless he waited until I took my seat.I had visions of me falling and not being able to get back up.

Oh and I walk so slow it takes me forever just to get to the bottom of our drive.Sitting in the doctors and a younger blonde woman did not hide the fact for around twenty minutes that she was stairing at me as I had noticable tremors.This stressed me out terribly wich the tremors became worse.

A man with a cain of around my age then came and sat next to me.He asked if I had broken my leg I said no MS.We struck up a conversation.He had heavy leg supports on his feet,ankles,leg and one one on his right hand and arm.He used to be in the army and had got injured and now had to wear these supports all the time.We chatted about our pains and our difficulties.Gosh it was wonderfull to speak to someone about our difficulties.It was a strange meeting,we felt connected,he would start to ask a question and I could finish it,I would start to say something and he finished my sentance.

He was a breath of freshair and inspirational to me.He also talked about his fight with thyroid cancer and how he won.What a brave man.He said his wife didnt understand his depression and again we connected and understood eachother.I think yesterday we both took comfort from eachother.He gave me new hope and I gave him hope to.He brightened my day and gave me a renewed perspective on life.God bless him.

I only went to one store and as I said I am so slow in walking I had to struggle with my crutches and a heavy basket,there were no shopping trollys.As I approched the till to pay,some rude woman seen me struggling and the little witch speeded up and jumped infront of me at the till.I then went for a spot of lunch,the guy serving was very plesant,he brought my coffee and lunch to my table for me.I also needed a bathroom (weak bladder) and none were availabe however the male serving directed me to some at the back of the store.

I wnet to buy a photograph of my childs class in Welsh Costumes at the Gardian Offices,as I spoke I slurred my words,the woman behind the counter scoweled at me and look disguted.I said I am sorry I have MS,then repeated what I wanted.Again how rude but she then changed her face grimice to one of shame.

It took me four hours to go to visit the doctor,go to one store and eat lunch.Yes I was so slow,I struggled with every step I took,I was in terrible pain.people were rude and pushing past me,bumping into me.Very ignorant people.BUT I am not complaining,I actualy went outside on a bus on my own and did a little shopping and then home.Something I have not done in a long time.I feel proud of myself and to meet such a wonderfull,understanding inspirational man made my day perfect.

YES I did it,I went OUTSIDE on a bus and I am PROUD of MYSELF…

I just wanted to share this with you all,to “Normal” people this is nothing,it may only be a small thing I have done in there minds,BUT in my mind this means the world to me and it was a very BIG step…

I got a little freedom back.

God Bless You ALL…


Go Charlie go… your story made me smile and you should be proud of yourself.

Sounds as though it was a great day out seeing the world again and

hope you weren’t to tired after it and that you’ll go out again.

Enjoy the weekend,

Jen x

So pleased for you Charlie, you must be proud as punch, sounds like you met the best and the worst of people yesterday, bit like delving into a bag of revels when we venture out isnt it- you never know what youll get next!!.

well done Honey, enjoy the rest of your weekend


Thankyou goldrat.

Oh I was tired,the fatigue kicked in and my body said enough.Gosh and my legs,ankle and feet were paining me something awfull.

I know its only a small,simple thing I did,but being trapped at home unable to go anywere was dragging me down.

If I can escape my home just once a month I will be happy.

I now feel a little more positive.

I can smile a little now to…


Thankyou Barnabycrumble.

It was scairy but I did it.I didnt fall over which was a good thing.

I know what to expect next time,however negative rude people mean nothing to me.It is there own problem not mine.

To meet just one nice positive person ment the world to me.

I hope you both have a great weekend.

Although the sun has dissapeared here in Cmarthenshire today.Staying in all cosey and warm.

Bless you.


Congratulations on your hugh achievement! We all know just how big a mountain ‘the normal day’ has become. Does your local town have shopmobility? Please don’t be afraid to use hired wheels to help get out they are a neccesity if you want to keep going and still take part in the ‘human race’!

A few years ago I invested £175 on an old 2nd hand electric wheelchair (can’t self-propell on a manual chair as useless left hand/arm means I just go around in circles - boring!!!) I bought this chair just so that I could ride on buses as most of our local bus services are wheelchair friendly - unless full of pushchairs.

It was a success so last year we decided to get a newer one from Betterlife - a branch of Lloyds chemists, it cost just over £800 but has been worth every penny.

Just one word of warning if you do use shopmobility, do not forget that you do have to get your purchases onto/off of the buss and back home!

Enjoy the feeling of satisfaction at your achievement, rest now to reduce your fatigue and start your plans for your next expedition.

Luv and good luck, Ann


Yes to me it was like climbing a mountain,unless your in our situation no one else would understand.

Ive put in for a higher rate of Disability,not sure if I can get it but if I get high mobility I can then apply for a bus pass.

The local town has no shopmobility.

Yes the local buses are mostly wheelchair excesible but then your stuck if pram users are on the bus.

I get so fatiuged and end up in pain but that is not going to stop me.I dont mind not being able to get out daily or weekly so much,but its the thought that now I can escape if I need to.It was scairy being on my own and I thought if I fall over I will not get back up.Any longer journeys I get family to take me in there cars.

I online shop for cloths,christmas and my food shop and everything is delivered.Gosh I cannot remember the last time I did any food or cloths shopping by actualy visiting a store.

I took my child and my nephew to the park today,again I was very slow in walking but we had an hour out of the house.Now I just want to sleep.

Its the smallest of things in my life that make me smile.

Only we can make our lives better with a little help from others.


Hi Charlie

Oh, I so understand how good it was for you to get out! Last week, after a bad week, I so much wanted to get out of my flat. I walked to see a friend, just 2 roads away. I needed my stick, plus also had to sit on a wall halfway, but I did it!

Someone asked why I had done it when I felt bad, but I told them how lovely it was just to be outside in a street . It doesn’t take much to make us happy does it, lol, but, boy, did I appreciate doing it! Like you, I do most of my food/clothes/gifts shopping on line now, so to see and feel something in a shop is like being in Wonderland!

You so kindly answered my post on ‘Limboland’ site (titled ‘Not coping well’), and it meant so much to me.

So, sending you lots of (((hugs))) too, plus a big ‘well done’. May it be the first of many more outings for you.

Bren2 xxx

Ahh Bless you Bren2 I am sending you BIG squeezes back.

Isnt it just nice to breath freshair,to be around people,just a short walk to the local shop is so wonderfull to accomplish.

Take a walk to the local park and sit on a bench and watch the world go by.

Feeling ill or tired or unwell one day but have a little energy to escape for a short while,I choose escape as we do not know what tomorrow will bring us.

It is hard Bren2,but only we can fight back and make our lives a little better,even if it is just for one day.