My Day Trip Today.

Well goodafternoon the sun is out and hot,not good.

I got up this morning got dressed and out I went,my battery was fully charged my wheels pumped up and off I go.

I went all the way to the local shopping centre two miles away.There was a few scairy bits were corners were so sloped my wheels could hardly hold me on the spot.

I watched my speed and slowed down were I should.

As yesterday I jammed myself under a slide and bashed both ankles badly.I went around and popped into see a friend in work.Had a good chat.

I had lunch and went into three stores.I was bombing along in some places at full speed.

I had dificulty with some doors.

I am home safe and well.

Nice cup of tea.Appart from not hitting a kerb straight on and got stuck and three young men helped me out,all went well.

And the two women drivers who went through red lights at a pelican crossing nearly running me down.I did use some potty language...

But I will say I have had a wonderfull day out.I had freedom,some ignorant people out there but mostly polite,met an elderly lady who knew everything about MS,so we had a good old chat,what a lovely woman.

I may look strange but I do welcome people to talk and they do.

I will sleep tonight and feel like ME again.


Oh Charlie I am so happy you’ve had a good day. You were so down last week and I was worrying about you. Now your getting the hang of your chair there will be no stopping you.

Let’s hope it’s the first of many

Great news Charlie, chuffed for you - there always will be ignorant people, it's just life, but you seem to be dealing with things well, long may it continue,

Luisa x

Hi Charlie

So good to hear you are getting around. It took me a while to get used to using the buggy but I am quite good with it now. I always tell people, I miss riding my bike more than I miss driving and when I'm out on the buggy it's a bit like riding the bike with wind in    my face. Not so good in the winter but I dress warm and have wet weather gear too.

You get used to where the pavement drops are after a while, well with my memory it did take a while and know which route is best. I find like you that most people are helpful; just a few who are not.

Hope you have many more days out and about. I still feel good when I can get out and get my shopping.

Take care


Hi Charlie

Guess I was right with pm. Glad you had a good day

Mie x

Thanks guys n girls it was WONDERFULL to feel ME for a little while,I am so tired I could sleep on a pin BUT WOW what fun it was...

I will get more used to the roads I am sure,some ppl bad parking which means I have to go on the road.

And Jen seen me /Kizzy seen me bombing down the street to but I didnt see her....

Thankyou to the kind hearted person in Ammanford and my Support Worker Amy I may fly on wheels now but I am sure they know how happy it has made me.




Hi, sounds like you had a great day, well done. I’m laughing at you going at full speed, sounds like you got the hang of the wheelchair really quickly, lol.


I have this image of you flying down the street with a mad look in your eye weaving in and out of the crowds. Hope you only flew past Jen and not over her!!

Hello Charlie,

                       Well done on getting out for your grand day out. I am sure that you will sleep well too. I enjoy the feeling of actually being tired for a reason, rather than me just feeling bushed because of the MS or a tablet. What a shame that there are so many ignorant drivers though.

              Best  Wishes,


Ahh bless you all.

I have enjoyed myself and yes tired for a good reason and NOT that MS is stabbing me with a pointy stick all the time.

Oh gosh no I slowed down for people to pass as some were plain rude and would all of a sudden dart in front of me.Then the cafe workers think everyone in a wheelchair should sit together I didnt mind that but they could of given the guy the choice of were he wants to sit.

But in homebargains there isles are wide and oh what a smooth ride,Wilkinsons have stupid things blocking the ilses

But as I hit items so I left them there and so I should.


Sounds like you had a great day Charlie - good for you. I hope you enjoyed your independence and that it will give you the confidence to go out on another trip soon.

Teresa xx

Thankyou Teresa.My biggest journey will be attempt to get on a bus to Swansea which is miles away...

Fingers crossed I will do it one day.