My support worker called this morning and I asked her could she help me apply for an electric wheel chair..

She said wait a minute let me get a photo of a one that a woman is donating.Its not the right kind that I need BUT she went and seen the lady who very very kindly donated me the electric wheelchair for FREE...

My faith in people is restored,the wheelchair is on its way in the next half an hour,once I get the right kind I will donate it back to someone who is in need like me.

There is a god...



Hi Charlie

That's fantastic, enjoy your freedom and independence.happyflower



Pam I is bawling my eyes out I am so happy and releived...

I would dance if I could but alas a good cry is better.


Hi Charlie....good news indeed...enjoy your freedom. I'm waiting for mine...ordered in may not long now I hope.


Guido I so will and I hope you get yours very soon.

Bless you.


Hi Charlie

Not will drop you now, wicked paint job and go faster stripes

Mike x

Hi Charlie

As you can see I still have fingers that cannot spell.

Meant to say


mike x

Mike I would love a bright pink one with some chrome and an IronMadien sticker on the back....

I love pink.....

My god I need to stop crying...



Do not cry, your tears could short the battery, I am over the moon you will be able to go out and terrorise people on the footpath.
You will need shades with pink and chrome.


Ohhh now thats a nice idea,pink shades...And a blanket to cover up that I peed my pants again LOL.


Rally the troops and watch out small children....


I have a guardian angel....She is my best friend of 42 years who passed away recently.She would never see me struggle or in pain I am sure she is looking after me...


I’m so happy for you Charlie it’s about time you had some luck. What a kind lady to give you it.
Now before you are released into the wild make sure you have some L plates.
Have fun


Get a pink lap dog too, and get hints from " benidorm"

Ha :slight_smile:


Nikki I certainly WILL need L plates and will have a preactice in my kitchen first and do a few wheel spins.

My good deeds in the past have not gone unoticed and someone is watching over me of that I am sure.

Im so excited I feel sickly and my body is buzzing away merrily.Not a good sign...



Wow, that is wonderful news - Ebay do a good line in decals, I got my chrome effect flames for my mobility scooter from there.  I also have a ridiculous amount of battery powered LED fairy lights (Ebay again), it amuses me to decorate my sticks and wheelchair with them.

Happy motoring,

Luisa x

Oh Luisa you have given me some good ideas.Maybe some pink cusions on my chair to would be great.The fairy lights are a fantastic idea.

I am so excited I keep needing to use the toilet...


The lights are great. I wonder if they will fit in the height adjuster holes on my crutches


So pleased for you Charlie, love my buggy.


Wendy I will also love my new wheels I am going to have a play later,my daughter will be well happy mammy can now take her places....Its not just the change for me but an even BIG change for my child,I have felt so guilty not being able to take her places now I can move on....

If you could my face it has the biggest of grins on it...

Life can only get better from now on.

HUGS to everyone.


PS:The music blasting because I is so happy I dont think my neigbours liked it...

The ones without the plastic surrounds do, but it would be a complete faff to get them poking out from inside - I twist them around the outside of my sticks and fix them in place with sellotape - the battery pack gets stuck just under the handle.

L x