How about good news for a while!! ?

I had a cake break at my house friday and we managed to raise £250!!!

Pleased to hear your good news. Well done.


Congratulations Moggie, that’s fantastic news. Well done.



Well done Maggie. We all like good news, Anyone else got good news of one sort or another?

Mine, set up website,, 3 months ago and already 100 unique visuitors per day lets make it more.

Well done to everyone for raising the money and visiting my site.


Wow that was a good amount youve raised, well done. You must have been up to your elbows in flour, marg, sugar etc.

You show me to shame, I bought goodies to sell on our stall. Lots of tenners were going in there, so hopefully good news at this end too.

I reckon your due a relaxing day today, with a smile, youve done extremely well.



That`s brill. Well done you!

luv Pollx

Well done Moggie,

My own ‘good news’ today is that I 90% managed to finish the weeding in the back garden while there is this break in the rain, AND I have just heard via the radio that my football team have just scored AND my niece has just won a gold medal for winning her weight/age category in judo! Three in a row!

Well done with the cake bake!

Best Wishes,


Hello Moira,

Seriously good news, weeding, supporting the right team and niece winning golds medal.

I’ve just spent 2 hours in pub with friemds - wha0 the heck, it would be boring to have good news every day



im glad we have happy days too, some of us few and hard between,but good anyway and we must savour them.

I was so overwhelmed by the kindness and genorosity from all my friends and family, thankyou.

Kepp smilling everyone and take care

Moggie xxx