Good News Day

As the title suggests this has been a relatively good news day. I got two letters today, one to tell me I was in the support group three weeks after I had applied with no medical, and the other to tell me that my enhanced retirement package had been finalised. This gives me the breathing space to decide my next move whatever that may be. I would advise everyone to submit as much backing evidence as possible, I personally had letters from my Neurologist, GP, Physio and Social Work, all singing off the same hymn sheet. My hope is that the condems will leave me alone but my suspicion is that everyone who gets into the support group is viewed as “one that got away” and subsequently hounded. Watch this space. Gary

Well done gary, for getting into the group you should have.

That`s also good news re your retirement package.

I am in the former too, plus retired on ill health, at the grand old age of 47…that was eons ago now, as I am 61.

what are you hoping to do next?

luv Pollx

Fantastic Gary, have a breather and think about your options. I’m really pleased for you

Tracey x