As some of you know I have been sick from work since April this year, fortunately I have been awarded I’ll health retirement and I officially retire Dec 23rd.

On the 18 th November just two weeks ago tomorrow, CAB filled in my form for ESA which I posted the same day. The postman has just brought me a letter telling me I have been placed in the support group! I am simply amazed this has all happened so quickly and without any hiccups.

Due to my pension they will take most of the benefit off me but that’s ok I am lucky to have a pension and no one can take that away.

Hope all those waiting to hear or about to fill the forms in get as quick a response as I did.

Merry Christmas.

Jan x

PS I recieved another letter telling me I was getting a £10.00 Christmas bonus as well


Wow Jan, that must be a world record lol…bet you are so pleased…i am still on Incapacity benefit and waiting for the dreaded forms to land on my door matt ,hope it goes as smoothly for me but i doubt it

J x

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Brilliant Jan!

That’s two of us who went into support group and heard quickly. Maybe the tide is finally turning!

It’s a great feeling isn’t it. Well done!

Pat xx

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Pat I wasn’t expecting to hear till after Christmas at the earliest, it’s a relief to have it out of the way for the foreseeable future. One less thing to worry about.

I have problems with grip and dexterity so I went to CAB and they filled the form in for me, I’m sure they did a better job than I would have done. Give it some thought mrsJ for when the time comes to do yours.


Jan x

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Hi Jan

Brilliant, so pleased for you, one less thing to cause you stress out of the way.

Pam x


Hello Jan,

It sounds like they’ve started working on the backlog with the most clear cut cases. It’s how it should have like this from the start. I had to wait 9 months, although I did get it back dated-a helpful lump sum at a significant time of the year. I’m like you and have a pension as well. In fact with my retirement lump sum I was able to dump most of the mortgage so we’re ok. Mind you if we want to move my wife will have to do a lot more work! (no pressure…) For those uncertain about applying, it seems now would be a good time to go for it.

Best wishes, Steve. x


Have a merry Christmas Jan & all waiting for hope. We don’t want to be disabled, but we want a future.

A bit of security is what we need, to be rid of the stress factor, at times like these.

Good luck to you too J

My best wishes PUD


I also got support group but had to fight for it, I was only diagnosed September so was in WRAG until 2 weeks ago but neurologist report wasn’t enough for support group because he didn’t mention I could’nt use a wheelchair silly I know but anyways my gp wrote a great letter and that gave me support group.

well done to you both.


Great news Jan, so pleased for you.

Pauline xxx

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Thanks everyone, it’s been a strange year since I had to go sick at the end of April. I am so surprised at the speed it has all happened, the relief is immense.

Seven months ago I wasn’t even a member of this forum and now I look in every day. I have had this condition for over twenty years but have learnt more in seven months than I have in those twenty plus years. Thank you for all your support and kind words.

I have a little niggle at the back of my mind re the benefit system deducting 50p from me for every £1.00 I pay in tax but I’ll save that for another day while I wait for a reply to an email I sent to my MP

Hope you all feel well.

Jan x

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