it`s done!

Afternoon playmates!

Just spent 3 hours filling in the dreaded ESA forms. Boy what a task that was. I had someone come from a diasbilities charity to help.

In fact she did the majority of the writing, as I got worn out just thinking of how to answer some of the difficult and incomprehensible questions!

This kind young woman was very patient and calm. I could feel myself getting anxious, but she soothed me, bless her.

i enclosed an information sheet on ISP…my condition and several medical letters from neuros about past appointments.

I just hope it gets me put into the support group. I`m wiped out.

Early bed tonight…even earlier than the usual 6pm that is.

I hope everyone else has recovered from completing their forms and good luck to those still waiting for decisions.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll I do hope they make it the right decision for you! I recently got a letter to confirm I had been put in the support group, after weeks even months of worrying and dread and filling horrible forms in like you’ve done today. I’m very pleased to say the least! Good luck Mini x

Hi, did the letter tell you when you have to re-apply?

This question has been asked before on here, but someone said yearly and someone else said 2 yearly?


luv Pollx

Good Luck Pollx , bet your glad you’ve got them done. Got my questionaire today, my MS nurse coming round on tuesday to help me.


Best of luck Poll. Fingers firmly crossed for you darlin’,

Pat x (the cup is for getting it filled out and remaining sane!)

Good luck Poll !!

I’ve always been in the work related group, never contested it didn’t have the energy so just accepted it. But this time filled in the forms sent them back didn’t have to go have a medical and bam support group???

Half the time I just think it’s pot luck!

I have ppms not gonna get any better no good days just the same getting worse. Explained this best I could sent no supporting letters just gp and consultant telephone numbers.

I didn’t lay it on or say I was worse then I was. Told them they were more then welcome to come visit me spy on me or what ever they wanted. Perhaps abit more aggressive then normal legs really playing me up that day. Filled in every part of the form with full explanation. And also on the blank page.

I have always filled in my own forms no help same with DLA don’t think there are better or worse ways as I said pot luck!

But really hoping for the best for you x

Hi all.

Thanks for your replies. and support.

Tess…that was odd, but good, how they changed their decision without an appeal…glad to hear it for you.

It also seems odd that some of us get a phonecall to say we are in whatever group and others get a letter.

Can someone please tell me if we have to re-apply every year or longer?

I have only 2 years to go until I get my state pension and then i can kiss ESA forms goodbye!

Then I`ll be going throught changeover to PIP from DLA.

I thought retirement was supposed to be peaceful…huh!

luv Pollx

Hi Poll. Sorry no it didn’t say anything about reapplying so I’m not too sure. Don’t think they will hesitate in getting in touch when I have to though x

ok ta hun.

luv Pollx

the having to reapply bit, well as far as i know ,its different for a lot,for some,it can be 6 monthly,yearly or ,every 2 or 3 years

there is nothing straightforward with esa,as you know

i am reading up all about it on the benefits and works site,i am still wating for the dreaded forms to of luck with your reply,dont worry,easier said than done i know .

jaki xx


I hope it all goes through OK. Getting help from someone else with these forms is so important.

You know you are ill but the info on the forms must tell them how ill you are. Take your time and always remember the worst occasions. You might be feeling great now, only you must tell them about when you wern’t feeling great. What is on the form is the info they use to make a decision so get it right and take your time

Remember, get a professional to help you fill in the form but write out your answers in rough before hand.

Good luck to everyone.


Well done Poll. Hope that it all goes well.

Moyna x

Well done Poll!

I shall keep 'em crossed for you hun.

Mags xx

Poll when you get your letter you can ring up and they can tell you how long the awardis for. I’ve read this on other forums, I’ve ot rang them was just relieved got put. In support group, wait till you get your decision then if you want to know ring them.

Many thanks for all your replies.

Hubby posted the form off today…I reckon I might hear something in about 6 weeks. So I wont keep watching for the postie till then.

But I know Wendels , Jane, got to know her decision by telephone.

So instead of being short with what we think are cold calls, we`d better be careful!

Talking to a friend this morning, who has my condition, about how long the benefit is for…she said it stated this on her letter…365 days!

luv Pollyxxx