EMS heard from DWP today

Hi everyone, Recieved a letter today from DWP saying i’m being put into the surport group of ESA. No need for a medical. So i’m very pleased and relieved to say the least. Jumping (if i could) with joy . Good luck to everyone else who’s going though this process. Tim

Excuse my ignorance, but whats ESA ?

Employment support allowance Dave

Oh Tim I am pleased!!! Congrat’s and well done…

It gives me hope as I’ve not been ‘called up’ yet but both you and Poll have got into support group without medical so here’s hoping!

What a huge relief for you and weight off your mind.

You can mentally jump for joy!

Pat x

Thx pat, good luck with your claim too. If its any help i rang up ATOS 3 weeks after sending off my questionaire because i’d changed address. I was worried they hadn’t got my correct contact details. They told me they had already sent the file back to DWP. It took the DWP another 5 weeks to tell me the result. So if you haven’t heard anything then it’s very likely your in the support group. Good luck pat.

Hi Tim, I haven’t even had my application form yet.

Every time something heavy comes through the letterbox I’m almost too scared to see what it is! Happened this morning. Copy of Radio Times…

Part of me wishes it WOULD come so I could get it over with. But another part is pleased esp as I have noticed that more and more people with MS are getting into the support group.

Anyway, it will come one day. No doubt about that.

Congrat’s again…

Pat x

Great news! It`s a very anxious time, waiting for the result I know.


Hi Dave, are you on Incapacity benefit or are you still working?


Still working Poll, I cant afford not too :frowning:

thx poll , its a great weight off my mind. Pat, if you need any help when you get your questionaire just let me know. By the way i think the best way to do it is on your computer. I had no choice because i can’t write very well. You can download it and start filling it in , best to take your time.I started mine well before i got it in the post. Just print it off when your finshed. I think they prefer you to do that, makes reading it for them much easier. Good luck pat, let me know if i can help. Tim

Great news Tim, take care M

thx M

Thanks Tim, that’s great to know.

If I can motivate myself I think I’ll download it and start on it. At least then I won’t feel such a panic when the forms arrive.

Didn’t know you could do that, so many thanks.

Pat x

Hi Pat, starting early does make it alot easier. Get as much help as you can, i joined benifits and work website. It cost £20 but well worth it. Also I got help from my MS support nurse . It’s a good idea to get some supporting evidense together as well. I sent in a letter from my GP and from my MS support nurse. Plus a couple of hospital appointment letters. Good luck Pat, it’s not too bad once you get started. Tim

Hi Tim, luckily I am member of Benefits and Work. It was following their guide that got me DLA. Filled out their ‘mock esa form’ a year or two ago and got enough points for support group… but I am going to try and make a start on the real form.

I’ve got letters from appointments… last letter was very good and detailed… and one from bowel nurse, also good.

I asked my GP if I can contact her when I get the form and she said they would contact her if they needed letter… so not sure if she’ll supply one (the trouble with very large health centre in deprived area of London… I think they are just overloaded with requests).

At last neuro appointment MS nurse said to contact her if I need any help at all … and I might be imagining it but she emphasised the ‘need ANY help’… and I thought it was hidden code for letter for benefits.

See how they do this to us… why on earth would she use hidden code? Obviously my imagination. LOL.

I will, I will, I will get started on form…

Thanks for advice Tim,

Pat x

Hi Pat, Good luck, i’m sure your’ll make it into the support group. Sounds like your’ve got thing organised. Tim