ESA - New Style

I have been back and to the hospital since a relapse in February with my MS.
I am totally exhausted, sleeping is all over the place and in constant pain in my arms and legs. Some days it is a struggle to get up!

Someone advised me to look into claiming ESA - New Style as I have paid my NI contributions.
i have just received the ESA50 form and feel more sick than ever after reading through it. I just don’t know if it is simpler to go back to work or find another job without this nonsense of claiming.

The form is bad and totally doesn’t reflect the condition. I am just worried sick if I fill it in and they call me in that they will say I am fit when I know I am far from it? My GP and hospital have said they will back me up but I know what the dwp are like?

I know its down to capability but does anyone know the success rate of having Secondary Progressive MS is to get benefits. I just dont want to go down the road they say NO and I am landed with nothing??

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Wow, @wfsto you are in a state. I am trying to work through what you have posted. Where are you at with work, are you on the sick thinking of returning? Work are obliged legally to make reasonable adjustments, do you have Occupational Health at work?

ESA. I think, don’t quote me, is more about not being fit for work. Graeme if you are out there (GCCK) please chip in here.

Capability, is more about can you do your current job, is there capacity to change roles and lighten the load?

I kinda get where you are coming from I work in education but have occupational health on my back asking me to change roles, I have just relinquished some responsibility not a great felling but hey ho, health comes first,

Please come back on this, hopefully we can help.