Benefits and work confusion - advise please!

I am flummoxed as to what to do so can any of you please comment. I am in the midst of a relapse. My right arm doesn’t work and I am dragging my right side. Not walking properly and cannot walk far. I was fine about a month ago. I am unemployed but got signed off for 3 months so have been transferred to ESA. I applied for that over two weeks ago and they are just so slow. No money yet and having to draw on savings. The thing is I have been offerred a job. One I applied for before the relapse set in. It is a temporary contract working up North but because of the MS they are allowing me to work for home when needed. My right arm goes up and down (not literally), it works some days and is useless other days. Even I am wondering how to do the long drives needed to do this contract, but I love my profession and want to do it. I will have to tell dwp about the job. What will they make of that? When it ends I will be back on job seekers. It doesn’t sound true does it? It sounds like I am swinging it. Will they ever approve ESA with a disease that fluctuates like MS? I don’t know how it works. In truth I shouldn’t take the job but I really do want to. Pat

As it is this governments heart’s desire to get people into work you would have every expectation that this would be made simple for you but I suspect it won’t be! Chopping and changing circumstances with the DWP is always problematic and best avoided if at all possible.

Having said that if you want to do this job – and think that you can, you should do it.

Is it a full time job? I ask because you are allowed to do certain work and still claim ESA. You can read about it at

Once your contract has ceased you will need to claim JSA , if you are still fit and able to work or ESA if not.
There are rules about reclaiming called a rapid reclaim if your last claim was less than 26 weeks ago. There is also a service called “in and Out of work”
more here:

Good Luck


I just read your post again - is taking this job the right thing to do? Ignore the DWP, I’m asking about your health. I had to give up a job that I loved so I know how hard it is but sometimes you have to bite the bullet.


[quote=Pat]I Can you imagine losing a lifestyle like that to suddenly being unemployed, with no right arm. . /quote]


Hi If it is a short term contract then the claim for benefit will be expedited. If not then get a sick note. From doc and claim ESA Straight away. Did you know irrespective of work or not you could. Liam DLA. I have enclosed some links for you I hope this helps if you want info and don’t wanna trawl for it pm me Mike:-)