Hello everyone, today I got a call from the ESA people and said it will be around 3 weeks until everything will be delt with. I am starting to get nervouse now as for the last 8 years this benefit always finds a way of getting out of not giving it to me…

My letters are from doctors and neuro. one says that I should reframe from work because of my condition (doctors) then the second is from Doctors saying that I have been put on a very high dose of anti depressant and am having Congnitive behavioral therapy for my obsessive Compulsive disorder which I have had since I was 8 so many years.

Then the last letter from my Neuro says that because my condtion has moved on to the next level of MS I would not be able to hold down a full time or part time job.

I am worried but do u think I stand a chance?

Hi What will take 3 weeks? Assessment phase ESA is 13 weeks Have you had medical? In the interim get GP report Neuro report Copy of repotrt with DX List of prescribed medicines and strength. Have you applied for DLA? If not go to Apply on line. If you want more info pm me, I am happy to help Mike x

Yes I have had DLA since 2005.

This 3 weeks is when they look at my claim and they said they need to check letters and records over to see if they put me on the wrong benefit or not.

If they feel that these letters don’t prove that I should be on the support group they will carry it onto tribunal.

Hi This is nothing to worry about you are re-assessed every 12 months. Sometimes they tell you and sometimes they don’t. They cold be preparing for PIP, but I would not worry if they made a mistake, they would have notified you before. what will they say your ms has not progressed? You have documentary evidence. Mike


Reading your comments it appears to me that you may be at the reassessment stage for ESA having being put in the WRAG / No ESA Grouping.

After the reassessment, if you are not put into the Support group, it will go to the Tribunal that can take upto 8 months to be heard and you will receive the ESA Wrag rate for a total of 12 months (from applying) before it is reassessed based on Income & Savings.

If further evidence is provided to the Appeals team that supports your claim then you may be placed in the Support group.

All the best


Well this is because I was put in WRAG and in May they took loads of people off it because of a new law. I was late to appeal by 3 weeks but I did not know about the support group and they excepted this.

I sent my appeal off in Feb and is why it is going to be looked at again as I made a statement that it could also be a mistake since when I went to see someone at the job centre, she told me I wont ever need to go to the groups because I was far too sick…

My neuro has indeed sent a letter saying that my condtion has progressed onto the next level so I am hoping this is enough.

Hi I am also concerned about thie ESA, I live in Bulgaria and a while back I recived a form which I had to fill in and my doc had to sign I sent it back and then was told I would get a medical assessment form sent to me. They sent me a 10 page document which was the Bulgarian Pension Department asking me for all sorts like liver results heart scans etc etc nothing at all to do with my MS or how it effects me. I was then told I needed to go to every specialist listed on the form from Orthapeds to Lung docs this is impossible. I then phoned International pensions and was told not to get the form filled in and that I shouldn’t be trailing from dept to dept and that tey IPD would have to find a better way of communicating with Bulgaria so know I;m in limbo and don’t know what to do.

I fear I won’t get a fair hearing as I live abroad. Any Suggestions!!!

I have joined that Benefits and work thing to see if they can help.