Getting worried re: ESA

I was put in to the work related activity group nearly a year ago. I have been informed that my benefit will stop in October.

I have a job advisor and recently managed to get a job at the local hospital as a phlebotomist ( before MS I was a midwife)

It was for just 10 hrs a week and I was so proud and looked forward to working again after such a long time (8 years) I lasted just 3 days, turns out I have peripheral neuropathy and have reduced feeling in my finger tips so couldn’t feel the veins!

I have a sleep every afternoon because of lethergy , can only use a computor for a few minutes because of intermittent blured vision, my ballance is terrible, bladder shocking, and I could go on. What employer would ever possibly take me on???

So now my income is to stop. Getting very worried, I’m sure it’s bringing on a relapse, any advice please.



Income cant just stop.

Would i be correct in thinking that another income may be coming into the household ?

Call the DWP to discuss your entitlements.

all the best


Hi Ali

I hope you have already applied for DLA? This would at least help till the ESA is sorted out… I believe that ESA can continue if you ill and unable to work, but it is discretionary. I was told that people would no longer be put onto Income Support if they are ill, as the Gov is trying to get everyone off this benefit and onto more suitable benefits (such as ESA if you are ill).

Please dont quote me on that… as it was someone on the ESA help phone number who told me that (so depends how well they were informed!).

Hope that helps… and the only other suggestion I have is to phone up one of the benefits helpline for advice :smiley:

Paula xx

Hi AliPally

The 12 month rule on ESA in the WRAG is very cruel for people who have other money coming into the household (private pension – working partner??) Alas any other benefit that you could apply for will also be means tested and you would not qualify.
DLA is the exception to this rule and you should apply if you are not already claiming.

Do you feel that you were wrongly placed in the WRAG and in fact qualify for the support group? Roughly speaking support group entry requires that you get 15 points for any one of the descriptors (Eg can’t mobilize more than 50M; at least once a week looses control of bladder) If you think that you should be in the support group because you have new symptoms or because your condition has worsened since you were previously assessed you can request a supersession where they look again at your claim. If you are just the same but think the original decision was wrong you are in a more difficult position because the time to appeal is long passed. By not appealing within 28 days it is as though you agreed with that first assessment. If that is the case you need specialist help to decide what to do next. (Eg CAB, Welfare Rights)


Appeal the decision. Ring 0800 882200 (BEL) to appeal.

You will be able to get Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) but as the title implies you must look for a job; it’s about the same money. As you say employers are going to find it very difficult to find a position fitting our requirements.

Contact DIAL who will come around your house and help with the forms or Benefits and work who give excellent advice costs £19.40 per year. The DLS give excellent free advice it is essential you get help.


Reading the DLS Factsheet about ESA you have 1 month from being put in this group to appeal so this may not be open to you anymore.

As I said previously contact DIAL who will advise the best course of action. You must not be complacent about any of the new ways the Government are trying to get money from disabled people to pay for mistakes of the bankers.


Take a look at the Benefit and Work site online it’s £20 to join but it’s the best £20 I’ve spent.

Lots of good advise and it tells you how to understand the questions.

ESA wrg is now only for 12 mth, I think you have to apply for Income Support but don’t quoate me on that.

It’s worth a look, it helped me and I did get put in the support group first time.


I think you should cantact esa and ask for a new form as your health has got worse. I did this with dla and my benefit was changed as a result. I seem to have got someone nice doing my esa. She rang me to say that I had been put in the support group. She asked if my husband was claiming income support and that If I claimed it instead we would be £12 a week better off. I would get the form asap as it is not long until october.