ESA (again)

Just looking up thid ESA and what it’s all about. I’m on long term IS and not IB and haven’t had anything through as of yet. However thyey’ unyil next spring to send it. Will I get ESA forms? I understand why they’re doing it, but do they not know we dont have a cure yet and we’re getting worse all the time??? also if we’re forced into work we’ll get even worse? How about fatigue? How would anyone hold down a job with their eyes shut? I can easily sleep 20 odd hours if i’m feeling rough. Plus if they force us to stay awake they’re risking us and not only our helth but put us in situations …our lives!!!

Can not believe the stress they’re putting some of you through. Then reading they’re putting some of you into work related groups? What like someone will employ us? I called a group, set up by the gov today RE voulentary work and after speaking with a lady she said “as lovely as you sound, I’m sorry but we couldn’t put the resources into you as it’s unlaikely you’d be able to come to once weekly meetings for a year” yep, thats right, I dont have a crystal ball but good you’ll waste your money. Its like they dont know not only wont we reamin how we are now, but will get worse. They’re acting like we’re getting better!!!

How many of you are waiting? Been told? Been asked to go to group to go back to work? etc


As far as I know people who are on IS will also have to migrate onto ESA at some point.

As you have realized this is a complex benefit but from what you have written about your condition in your posts I doubt that you will have any difficulty gaining 15 points. Many people get upset because they are not eligible for means tested benefits and so loose out after 12 months. As you are already claiming a means tested benefit this will not be a problem for you and so it will not be the end of the world if you don’t get into the support group.

How it will work is first of all the DWP will write to you. Then they ring you up to make sure that you understand what is going on. Then you get the form (ESA50) You have 4 weeks to complete the form.

It’s a rotten form (though not as bad as DLA in my opinion) but if you work through it a bit at a time and follow the advice of Benefits and Work it’s not too bad. I’ve just done mine.

I know that you are very angry and indignant about the benefit changes but it is important not to let this lead you astray. No matter how wrong the system is the only person who will suffer if you get too ruffled to do the forms properly is you. I am not saying don’t protest – shout it from the rooftops if you want to but at the same time be smart and approach the application for benefits in a cool, calm way.

Knowing that you will have to fill this form in sometime soon why not practice now. I spent days on the “about your illness” section until I was satisfied with my answer.


Hi, as Jane (Wendels) advises, I intend to read, re-read and then get hubby to read, my book when it comes thumping through the letter box any day now.

Whatever we think, we have to cow-tow to the authorities, if we want to keep our benefits.

luv Pollx

Hi, i’m confused, hope someone can help.

My partner and i get i/s, we have been getting it for 6months, i am on dla mobility high and care middle rate, partner gets carers allowance.we had a letter each saying we both had an appointment about getting us into work as been on i/s 6months.

He went friday, she asked if he was a carer, once that was confirmed she just asked questions like, did we live at the same address and who else lived there ect.He told her my appointment for next friday at 9.30 was no good as got to get our youngest son to school. she told him that was ok, she would phone me at home at that time- just to confirm what he had old her.

She said that we would’nt now be reviewed for 3yrs, brill we thought.

Question is, whats the difference between this and this ESA thing? Am i still going to have this form and stuff, even though we were supposed to be left now for 3yrs.

Confused, Lisa x

Thanks for replies guys. Still unsure if I have to go on it with me being carer, but will find out Mon.

Lisa, same has happened to us in past. My hubby is a carer for me, but once they find that out they say “oh fine, no worries” and leave it there. However I do know that claimants since Dec2009 (which will be you)will have to go on to ESA. I’m not sure about me as it’s been since 2000, but 6 months will have you jump through the hoops of ESA I’m affraid hun. Your partner is classed as a carer (even though on IS) so he wont, but he will eventually go on to whats called a universal benefit. Thats where a number of benefits are classed under one name. Its all up in the air with these new benefits and in my own opinion, I feel they’re brought too many in at once. Its worried me a lot since reading one girl here posted a few days back how advanced her MS is and they want her back to work? She should appeal, as the rules for this ESA say if they believe you can return and your condition will improve then you go into work related group, but if not support group, unless its just me who doesnt know theres a cure out there, she’s been hard done by. But the stress of appeals is enough to set someone off and have a really push on this condition. Good luck hun x

Hi Diane, sorry i did’nt reply sooner. Thank you for explaining about this. So my happiness will be short lived then, typical. You know it does’nt supprise me, i’ve always said that i feel like i must be in a tv soap, anything that can happen seems to happen (all the bad stuff anyway) oh well, here we go again.

Lisa x