IB to ESA Generally

Just about everything I know about ESA and benefits I have read here, or at least read it here first.

Speaking to someone who has a major health problem last week (not MS) who had just been informed of the outcome of filling out the form going from IB to ESA. They said - everythings OK, just going on the same. So I asked which group they had been put in and the bottom line was that they had no idea what I was talking about, no knowledge of the significance of grouping etc, no understanding that they had been put in the WRA group, which was time limited and then means tested. Huge implications for someone whose medical condition means that they will not work again.

Made me wonder how many people will be in for a shock in year or so time when their ESA runs out and their partner is working.

It is not so much that the info is not in the letter, but people may not understand the implications. After talking things through this person is going to appeal, but it did make me think that this is all smoke and mirrors.

Its not good that people are not aware of all the different levels of ESA. Ive recently heard of one mser who can hardly walk and he was put on jobseekers - now discontinued and hes not even got DLA either so living on fresh air. Its disgusting there isnt more help out there and not everyone is knowledgeable.

how on earth disabled people can be treated like this is disgusting. glad you made it clear there could be problems if this person was put in the wrong group. More should be spelt out on sites like this and other charitable sites so claimants know what theyre claiming for and what applies to them.

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There are some pople that dont want to know,they bury their heads in the sand, hoping it will go away,i read up as much as i could from the benefits and works website,because i wanted to know what might happen,the info is out there and its up to us to find it.

jaki xx

I recieved a phone call from DWP to tell me my ESA claim had been successful and went on to tell me dates of payments etc… It was only when I specifically asked what group I’d been placed in - she said the support group, which was fine, but I found it strange that this wasn’t one of the first things she told me. After this I recieved the confirmation letter which I felt, although it did state which group you had been placed in, it was far from clear and was hidden within the text. I needed to read it several times and then get someone else to double check for me.

I was so glad I had some understanding about the benefits, mainly thanks to this site, as the whole process from applying to being informed of the DWP decision has been extremely difficult and stressful.



It is disappointing that the DWP agent did not explain the group that you were going into.

I can say from 1st hand experience that they should do that in the telephone call that they make to you. In this case it appears that it is one persons bad customer service. It should not happen.

If you fail the medical completely you will get a more indepth call where you can introduce more evidence to help the decision maker. They will also explain the appeal process.

It really should not happen the way it was communicated to you.

take care