HI, my hubby was on IB and was recently transferred ti ESA and put in the WRAG group, we appealed this as the ATOS report we received was as if they were describing someone else, Well we received a letter today saying that they had looked at the claim and all the evidence and our appeal will not be forwarded to the appeals service as they have altered the decision in our favour… What does this mean? Has he been transferred to the support group, do they write again with more info? how do we know how long this will be for? If so what happens now? any advice appreciated… :-/

I got the same yesterday! It says, ‘in my favour’ too. I guess that means we have been successful and no longer have to find a job! Thank god… It goes on to say the benefit office will be in touch. Breath easy.

Mine doesn’t mention that anyone will be in touch. Just hope we can relax a little now… :slight_smile:

Hi, i keep reading about genuinely disabled people getting put into the wrong ESA group. Then on appeal, they are put into the support group. This is done after the claimant has got all worked up, upset and into a frenzy of worry.

They know how to push the wrong buttons alright!

So glad to hear your hubby has got into the support group.

luv Pollx