Morning everyone, I recieved a call yesterday from job centre plus, they said I’ve been awarded ESA, now I’m currently on incapacity benefit, they have not called me for a medical, but they have but me in the work related activtitiy group, I did ask want this meant and he just said I would have to attend an interview at the job centre, however they where not expecting me to look for work, not sure what that’s all about, he then went on to say that they could maybe contact me again in 2yrs time, to review this again, also if I was not happy with this I could ring to ask to be but in the support group, if his bosses felt I had a case this would be done no problem, however if they didn’t then I would have to appeal, anyone else had this happen, I would be grateful to hear, tkae good care, Jean x

Reading between the lines I feel some ambivalence from you regarding the WRG and Support group so I wanted to tell you about a potential impact being in the WRG has. IB is not means tested - you still get it even if you have savings or your partner is in work. ESA is only non means tested (contribution based) for 12 months. After 12 months you revert to means tested ESA when money coming into the household has an impact on your benefit - even to the point of getting no benefit at all. Support group members get contribution based ESA indefinitely which is why everyone bangs on about getting into the support group. I don’t know if this will affect you at all but it may influence your decision with regards to appealing.

Benefits and Work website will give you information regarding the criteria for being in the support group. If you feel that you meet these criteria then my advice would be to appeal


Hi, it sounds complete gobbledegook to me!

If all it took to get you off the work related group and into the support group (which I know you should be in anyway) was a phonecall…then why make the switch. Will you benefit change?

luv POllx

If you decide to appeal you should send some medical evidence in with it eg letter from ms nurse, GP or neuro giving details of your condition.

If they feel you meet any of the criteria you will be place in the support group…if not it will go to tribunal.

When I first appealed I stupidy did not send anything in and just thought they would take my word for it, so I waited a year to go to tribunal, which I won

In the meantime I had been reassessed again placing me in the wrag again…I sent in a very late appeal with some evidence and am now back in the support group