ESA Appeal to change group

I was assesed in October after being changed from Incapacity Benefit and was put into a work related activity group. 
The first time I went to see my advisor at the job center she took one look at me and my notes and said she thought I had been put into the wrong group. According to her I should be in the support group as I can't even get in to see her monthly let alone manage a regular job!

Has anyone else had this happen to them? Or tried appealing to change groups?
If I do appeal will I lose what I get at the moment? 

This is really stressing me out and making me feel worse!


Hi Isobel,


Quite a few people have appealed being placed in the WRAG, feeling that they should be in the support group. Many of those appeals are successful so don’t let it stress you out.

In theory any appeal can lead to a reduction in the award that you already have (as experienced by some people with DLA who looked for an increase in care but got a reduction in mobility!) but it doesn’t sound as though this is at all likely in your case.
Although your advisor is not in any way involved in the decision making re awards her impressions are a good guide.

I would advise joining the benefits and work website (£20.00) where you will get step by step help to launch an appeal. You know it could be that you didn’t do the form very well when you were migrated from IB. Many people are reticent about describing their difficulties because on the whole we just get on with things but this doesn’t help DWP get an accurate picture. An appeal is a chance to put that impression to rights.


Good Luck and let us know how you get on.



Thanks Jane,

I have just drafted a letter, not my normal kind....very wingey, but hopefully it actual gets across a bit better how I am. At lot of my problems with the benefits system at the moment seems to be due to me not complaining and asking for enough help in the past. So I am trying to change that and ask for all the help I currently need.....which is alot! 

Hopefully I will get a more positive outcome if I am more negative! 

Thanks again



Hi Isobel, can i ask a question please? How long were you on incapacity benefit before they changed you to ESA?

luv Pollx

I was on Incapacity benefit from 2005, so for 6 years.


Mmm, quite a while then. i`ve been on IB since 2000. Probably get the call soon.

If they want me to go back to work, they`ll need to provide wheelchair access, a carer and a hoist!

Do you think theyll do that? Oh, I turn 60 in october, so maybe theyll reckon i`m a knock kneed knackered, pant peeing old nose bag, eh?

luv Pollx

The are meant to be getting everyone onto ESA in the next year or so I think.....but I am not sure where all the jobs are coming from that they want everyone to go back into!

I live in a small village with no suitable jobs and no way for me to travel out of the village to other jobs. Without me relocating to next door to a suitable job I don't think I could cope now with working!

Isobel x