Esa , different groups

Afternoon Everyone

Just looking for some help with the dreaded ESA .

I was placed in the work related activity group , which I disagreed with and as the first stage of appeal sent a letter explaining my reasons.

Today I have recieved a letter explaining payment rates and it says ESA support group , so does this mean I have been changed to the support group ( heres hoping ) .

I will ring on Monday but was hoping for some opinions please .

Thank you in advance


To explain better , under payments it says

Extra money because you are in support group …

I would be so relieved if I have been changed from wrag to support because there is no way I could work and the stress worrying about this ( like so many others ) was getting me down .


Hi Claire, yes, it does sound as if they have heeded your appeal and put you into the right group. That`s brilliant news.

What a nightmare everyone is having with this benefit.

I`ve been on incapacity benefit since 2000 and expect to be getting my letter re changing to ESA anytime.

But if they want to send me back to work, theyll have to provide suitable transport, a carer, a hoist, wheelchair access, a recliner for my rest periods and then prepare themselves for a lot of can you help me please?, as I am now a knock kneed knackered old nosebag.............I turn 60 in October, so that will add to their problems........maybe Ill be let off, eh?

luv POllx

Hi Pollx.

I can think of a job for you?

Agony Aunt would be a good job for you.

As you always give sound advice,and you could do it from home.

I will be your agent and would only take 10%.

Have a free drink at the bar and let me know what you decide.



Hi, well I’ve been placed in the work activity related group, like you I’m appealing, I’ve just checked my letter for you, and I would think that you have been placed in the support group, as mine still says work related activity group, but do check, I’ve been told my appeal could take 12mths, I live in Huddersfield, would you mind pm me and tell me how long you’re appeal took, Jean x