I need help!! ESA

I have been lost through the system in the last year regarding esa. i was put on it in 2009 after a medical, at the time i did not know anything about the work capability group and support group, all i knew was that i was thankfull i was getting money every 2 weeks,. noone tells you anything. i had 3 meetings with a lady and then i was left on my own!!?? the next thing i knew was in april that i was no longer getting any money due to it being changed to only a years money. i have had about 8 phone calls and 8 different peope telling me 8 different things, filled out forms, written letters and medical letters from dr etc!! now i have been told i should have appealed months ago to be in the support group and to late now!! spoke to a lady today from my local branch and she is telling me to write an appeal letter, can anyone help me with this or have good advice!!? i already get high mobility rate DLA and medium care . how should i word my appeal as i have no idea . please can you help.

Mo xx

Hi. I’m guessing you were on contribution based ESA. Mine was stopped in April as well. I was called for another medical at the end of it, they said if I attended I would still get my stamp paid.
While I was there the lady said that it is possible to be put in the support group after your payments ran out if your condition had worsened since you went into the wrag. It might be worth asking for another medical if that’s the case.
I had mine 4 weeks ago so hoping to hear soon.
Hope that all made sense and good luck

The best advice I can give you is to join the benefitsandwork website and follow their info/advice. Also, go to your local Citizen's Advice Bureau and ask them to help you. There is usually a deadline to make appeals, so speak to someone asap! (I think that if you are too late for an appeal, you might have to reapply.)

Karen x



Thanks Niki, it's all just a farse!! hey ho,just have to see if i get an appointment for medical and write appeal letter also. Thanks Karen for your advice, will have a look online

Thanks again


Where abouts in the country are you Moggie

I just called the jobcentre, I've been told to write a letter asking for a review,along with a letter from my doctor, stating that my condition as worsened, from when i first went on to esa! I was put in a work support goup rather than a support group!! My medical it would seem is 8 months over due!!! which i feel is a bit naughty of them!! 


Hope all goes well for you.